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BNMG Vol 10: Review + Overview

If you’ve gotten this far in the series, you are probably very excited, and maybe a little confused. You may still be missing the “big picture” of niche marketing, so I wanted to take some time to day to do a bit of review and overview, to let your brain catch up, and understand what’s going on. To be honest, I’m not quite sure if the original order I put the lessons are in is the best, so hopefully you gave everything a once-over before you started buying domains, lol. Oops!

Survey Monster

Does Survey Monster Offer Any Good Surveys?

As the name suggests, Survey Monster is one of many sites that offers you the chance to earn money by doing surveys. The idea is certainly appealing, but survey sites have some major limitations. Additionally, if you are going to do online surveys, some sites are much better than others.

Binary Spotlight

Binary Spotlight Makes Bold Claims. Does It Live Up To Them?

Binary Spotlight promotes itself as promotes itself as an automatic way of earning money online, but the site should raise some red flags immediately. As I’m going to show you, this is not a site to be trusted and what the narrator is claiming is so much better than reality.


Shaklee: A WorthWhile MLM?

Shaklee is just another MLM selling vitamins and supplements. These types of MLMs are a dime a dozen. A quick search on Google reveals millions of them. But shaklee has some staying-power. The company has been around since the 1950s and doesn’t have near as many complaints as some of its much younger competitors. With all that said, it’s still an MLM, which means it has a negative stigma associated with it. To make any real money from it, you’ll have to be quite the salesperson.