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brand authority

Brand Authority is Completely Unnecessary

What Brand Authority provides is some basic information on a topic that isn’t really necessary for marketers who are just starting out in their business. It’s not bad information or anything like that, it’s just something the beginners don’t need to put a lot of effort into at the start. The information in this product that is relevant to newbies isn’t good. Put simply, if you’re a new marketer you need to avoid this product.

info business U

Info Business University is Uninformative

Info Business University is not designed for learning at all. The information is weak, the content is sprawled out across multiple pages with no navigation and I noted some shady tactics right from the start. There’s just no way I would recommend this anyone, certainly not my readers (or my enemies).

email cash machine 2

Email Cash Machines 2.0 is a Dud

Although I liked the information about writing emails, it’s just not enough to justify an entire product. That’s ell you get with Email Cash Machines. If you want to learn how to write good emails you can find that information anywhere, for free. For that reason, I cannot recommend it.

'Mary Stevens'

Watch Out For Scams From Mary Stevens

Nowadays, scams are extremely common online. Sometimes it seems like there are far more scam sites online than there are legitimate sites and products. One of the more common tricks that sites use is to create a person who is used to promote the site. One example of this is Mary Stevens, whose name pops up on Profit Masters Academy on Online Profit Stream and on other similar sites.


My Mannatech Review: A Meh MLM

There is a lot of hype with Mannatech and the company has faced some challenges in promoting their products without making illegal claims. The site certainly implies that their products offer substantial health benefits, even though the science is limited at best. The company’s history doesn’t exactly inspire me with confidence, and at the same time, they have a complicated compensation plan and the prices of the products would make them hard to sell.