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Don’t Expect ‘A Meaningful Life’ From MonaVie

MonaVie is just like all the other MLM companies out there and dramatically exaggerates the likelihood of any distributor actually making money through the company. The complex compensation plan and range of terms and conditions places a lot of restrictions on people trying to earn money – which is one of the reasons that most people joining don’t make much (or any) profit.

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Commission Money Machine is Designed to Empty Your Wallet

Commission Money Machine is just another one of Ewen Chia’s low quality products with no substance and riddled with upsells. It’s a waste of time and money. There’s lack of honesty, information and support. Don’t buy this product.

speedy snowball profits review

Speedy Snowball Profits Review: It’s a Good One

This is a well written PDF, priced appropriately. It was not too hyped, and delivered quality content. However, it is lacking the support and specific steps needed for a newbie to truly succeed following it.

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Should I Become A Pampered Chef Consultant?

Not only is there a steep start-up cost, but you have to buy and store products before you can sell them. Their customer service is a nightmare and not at all helpful. On top of all that, they provide no training. Pampered Chef is in no way a good business opportunity, especially for beginners.