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Should I Become A Pampered Chef Consultant?

Not only is there a steep start-up cost, but you have to buy and store products before you can sell them. Their customer service is a nightmare and not at all helpful. On top of all that, they provide no training. Pampered Chef is in no way a good business opportunity, especially for beginners.

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Cash Funnel Machine is a Neverending Upsell

This product is full of upsells and general information. It’s all there to entice you into spending more and more money. The concept of a “sales-funnel” can’t be taught with generalized theories. Each market is different. Therefore, mapping out a sales-funnel, and saying it will work in every industry is complete nonsense.

It is for that reason, and several others I cannot recommend this product.

ultra fast product creation review

Ultra Fast Product Creation VS Plagiarism + Copyright

This is a 24 page PDF that talks about creating your own info product in a short period of time. Considering that there are 3 pages of niches, a cover page, and a 3 page introduction, it’s actually like a 17 page PDF.

seo recipe reloaded review

SEO Recipe Reloaded Is Half Baked

There is nothing new about the ideas expressed in this guide. There are no detailed instructions on how to actually implement the strategies, and I personally believe that using these techniques on your site will do more harm than good.

fiverr craigslist arbitrage

Craigslist + Fiverr Arbitrage – Now It’s A Thing

Is it a coincidence that the three WSOs I reviewed in a week period are all selling the same thing? Probably not. Apparently this is now a ‘thing’ that people are selling as a way to make money online. Buy on Fiverr, sell on Craigslist. That’s about it.