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Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online: Not Worth Your Time

Harris Poll Online is one of many different survey sites offered online. The site doesn’t over promote itself or make outrageous claims, but the question remains, is it worth the effort?

hangout cash evolution

What’s Inside Hangout Cash Evolution?

This course is huge. It’s much bigger than it needs to be. Chris Cole provides a lot of content, but much of it is very, very basic. If you want to know how to use Hangouts you can go to YouTube for free. I’d say 50% of the course covers that topic. It’s just not necessary.

Moving beyond that, Google Hangouts are not the ideal platform for hosting serious video events. The platform is still very young and has a lot of problems. Watch any Hangout and you’ll see what I mean. For all those reason, and many more, I just can’t recommend this product.

big pants cpa

Big Pants CPA Requires Big Pockets

There is nothing new here. Big Pants CPA is just another ebook put together for the sole purpose of attracting new marketers who don’t know the difference between solid information and vague theories. The things mentioned in the ebook sound good. But in reality they are incredibly difficult, expensive and would take years to profit from.


My iPoll Review: Surveyhead With A New Coat Of Paint

I’ll admit, the landing page for iPoll looks kind of cool and it’s a bit different than most other survey and rewards sites. While the style doesn’t necessarily mean that the site is worth the while, it is a good indication that iPoll isn’t just a clone of every other survey site out there.

how to make it in internet marketing

How To Make It In Internet Marketing…Not!

It’s a short eBook that recommends creating junky products as fast as possible to sell on The Warrior Forum for fast cash. It won’t teach you how to build a legitimate online business. It won’t teach you much at all. It’s a quantity over quality approach. And that’s a dangerous strategy.