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Liberty Health Net

Liberty Health Net Is A Dead MLM

If you listen to the reps promoting it, Liberty Health Net sounds like a typical MLM. Members boast about the commission scheme for the company and the potential to earn significant amounts of money. But… there is little evidence that the company lives up to any of these claims.

Viral Franchise

Viral Franchise Isn’t Actually A Franchise And It Isn’t Viral

Viral Franchise combines two separate ideas, and they both sound appealing in their own right. For example, being part of a franchise sounds like it would be a good way to make money. Franchising is a real business model, so this phrasing also makes the company sound legitimate. At the same time, the term viral suggests that you can get popular fast, and by extension, earn money fast.

Earn at Home Club

Should You Trust Jennifer Becker Or Is She A Scammer?

You might have heard the name Jennifer Becker connected to the site Earn at Home Club. Perhaps the site sounded like a really good opportunity or maybe you just wanted to know more about it. Whatever the reason, plenty of people to look for the name Jennifer Becker, trying to figure out whether she is promoting something legit, or just another scam.

serious bloggers only

Serious Bloggers Only Review: Is it Right for You?

Jon Morrow’s name has become synonymous with quality blogging information and Serious Bloggers Only only helps to cement his reputation. This a great product for newbies and advanced bloggers alike. It provides all the things I look for in a quality product. I have no problem recommending this course to almost everyone.

affiliate cash blueprint

Affiliate Cash Blueprint is Missing Some Key Ingredients

Affiliate Cash Blueprint is a short case study that doesn’t provide any detailed information at all, which is exactly what a case study is supposed to do. It’s definitely not for beginners, so with the lack of information, and the lack of support, I would suggest avoiding this product all together.