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Realistic Goals For Making Money

Realistic Goals For Making Money On The Internet

How much money can you make doing this thing? How long before I can start making sales? How much work do I have to put in each day to make this happen? I don’t have any money and need to pay rent next week. What do I do now? These are the questions I hear all the time. Sometimes at WA, sometimes on YouTube, sometimes in my inbox. These are good questions to ask. So I want to give you some realistic answers.

Internet Scams

The Endless Sea of Scams Online – Tell Your Story

I’ve always wondered where the ideas for scams originate. I am curious to know if it is out of a kind of greed for money plus a lack of empathy for fellow human beings, or if it is from a fear of failure combined with a feeling of having no other choice. Here are some of the typical scams you’ll run into online: Cash Gifting, MLM, and Guru Products


Forex Secret Journal Doesn’t Teach Forex Anymore

Somehow I ended up on the email list of Forex Secret Journal. I’ve been receiving emails from them for several months now, all with ridiculous titles that do not reflect the content of the links. I’ve even reviewed some of the products they promote, and all of them are worthless. This is email marketing at it’s worst!

Commission Killer

Use Your Common Sense With Commission Killer

Commission Killer offers software and some training that is designed to develop websites, affiliate links and content for you, but falls far short of its aims. The product is far from the easy button it claims to be and most people would make money faster and more effectively by doing the work for themselves and avoiding this product altogether.

avalanche x review

Is Avalanche X’s Fake Webinar and Low-Quality Traffic For You?

I was direct to Avalanche X from a product called 10k giveaway (which is already a red flag), though many of you probably landed there because some guy sent you an email about a “game changing system”. It’s just another automatic website creator with “traffic getting” software that doesn’t work as well as they say it does.

binary options scams

Binary Options Trading and Scam Software Finally Explained

Lately, I’ve been posting a lot about various binary options scams. So much so, that I’m sick and tired of explaining what it is and why you should avoid it. In this post you will see 4 risks associated with binary options, one legitimate resource for learning how to trade properly, and a more conservative (and cheaper) option to making money on the internet.


Does Fast Traffic Formula Really Help With Traffic?

I wouldn’t exactly call Fast Traffic Formula a scam, but you certainly don’t get as much as the marketing implies. In general, the training for the product is decent, although there is nothing revolutionary in there, and you could find the information in many different places. It also isn’t a very good approach for people new to internet marketing and it can be confusing.