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adventures on the river review

Adventures On The River From ZeroFatz Review: Amazon Books, FBA, And More!

For the price price you pay, Kam Jennings AKA “ZeroFatz” really over-delivers on value. He is clearly a very experienced and multifaceted entrepreneur, and has consistently stacked loads of training into the members area month after month.

My main criticism of these courses is that there seems to be no more member activity as of Dec 2014 in the comment section, so I’m not sure how easy it is to get support with your business as you build it.

clickbank emperor forever

Clickbank Emperor Forever Falls Short

There is nothing new inside Clickbank Emperor Forever. It’s full of vague information, which seems to be done purposely in order to get you to buy an expensive upsell. The product is mediocre at best.


My ACN Review: Hyped And Deceptive MLM

ACN uses a MLM and network marketing model to promote its services, including television, wireless and internet services. While the services themselves may be okay and even competitive in the market in some cases, the potential to make money through the MLM is low. There are simply too many complexities and conditions to make it a realistic approach.


PrizeRebel Review: Some Unique Elements, But Is Still Limited

PrizeRebel is admittedly one of the prettier survey sites out there. The company certainly took the time to make their site look good and they also made it pretty easy to use. I particularly liked the progress bar, because this offers a visual indication of how much you are earning.

extreme list building

Extreme List Building is Lame

Extreme List Building brings nothing new to the table. It’s simply a PDF that outlines a tactic that is covered online and in other products over and over again. It’s just a very plain product with regurgitated information. There are definitely better options.