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Mary Johnson

Is Mary Johnson A Real Person Or Just Another Scam?

With so many products out there, companies have to constantly find new ways to get people to spend money. One way of doing this to trick and manipulate people. There are many ways of doing this, but one common theme is to associate the product with a name like Mary Johnson. This technique is mostly used by scams – so if you see it in action, be very wary.

iQ Life

Despite The Name, iQ Life Is Not A Particularly Smart Choice

I’m really not sure how iQ Life thinks it is going to be successful because they provide potential members with barely any information about what to expect and what to do. I’m still not clear on what the products are and it feels a little bit like those products don’t even exist. That’s certainly doesn’t suggest that money can be easily made through the company.

Theresa Andrews Apparently

Is Theresa Andrews For Real Or Just Another Fake Name?

You might have seen the name Theresa Andrews floating about online, associated with various suspicious looking sites, including Pay Days at Home and Online Cash Commissions. Sometimes the name is used as the person running the site, but other times it is used as in a testimonial.

Ultimate Goldmine

Steer Clear of Ultimate Goldmine: An Honest Review

This product is surrounded by lots of ethical dilemmas, and some that are flat out misleading. That alone is enough to give it a bad review but when you add in the additional costs, legal issues and manual labor there’s no way I could recommend this product to anyone.

Making Money Scam

Does Mary Taylor Actually Make Any Money Online?

If you’ve been interested in making money online, you might have seen the name Mary Taylor on a site or two. I’ve personally seen the name associated with Internet Cash Academy, but I’m sure there are others too.