Watch Out For Scams From Mary Stevens

'Mary Stevens'

Nowadays, scams are extremely common online. Sometimes it seems like there are far more scam sites online than there are legitimate sites and products. One of the more common tricks that sites use is to create a person who is used to promote the site. One example of this is Mary Stevens, whose name pops up on Profit Masters Academy on Online Profit Stream and on other similar sites.

Excel Cash Flow Is Another Link Posting Scam

Excel Cash Flow

Excell Cash Flow is filled with a whole lot of hype about how much you can potentially earn with no mention of the challenges of actually making money through link posting. In reality, the system is one that takes a lot of work and it is very difficult to make any money from it. You only ever make money from links that ‘stick’ and even then, the amount is much much less than Excell Cash Flow suggests.

The Ultimate System Isn’t Even A *Good* System

The Ultimate System

The Ultimate System uses the crowdfunding approach to make the system sound legitimate but in reality what is offered is little more than a pyramid scam. To earn money you donate to people higher up in the chain, while those you recruit and others lower in the chain pay you. It is an ineffective approach and as is always the case with this type of system, only those right at the top actually earn anything.

Secret Success Machine Costs A Whopping $20k

Secret Success Machine

Secret Success Machine promotes a fantastic lifestyle and level of income that it simply cannot deliver. Instead, the site offers highly expensive training and an emphasis on getting other people to buy the same training (costing up to $20,000). The site doesn’t even acknowledge how challenging it can be and most users would lose the money they put into it.