Bitcoin Millionaire Doesn’t Have Much To Do With Bitcoins

Bitcoin Millionare

Despite its name, Bitcoin Millionaire doesn’t really have anything to do with Bitcoins. Instead, it is just another product that offers software that claims to help people succeed at binary options, but is unlikely to actually do this. Like many similar products, Bitcoin Millionaire is nothing more than a sales pitch to get you to invest in a specific options trading site with the hope that you make money from the process. However, many more people will lose money than will gain it.

The Profit-Less Journal’s Pitiful Attempt At Binary Options

pj unav

The poor attempt at stealing your money known as Profit Journal is obviously a budget attempt at the latest binary options scams. Not only is the narrator clearly not the owner or creator of the product, he is a pretty poor voice actor.

The story was typical of binary options apps, telling a heart-wrenching account of rags to riches. Our poor “professor William” was a school teacher who wanted nothing more than financial freedom…just like you!

What’s the DL on DS Domination?

DS Domination Review

Setting up a successful dropshipping business is more than copying/pasting links and pictures, but that’s what DS Domination wants to you believe. See what’s really going on inside this hyped and over-marketed online business product.

Click Cash Commissions Is Just A Pipe Dream

Click Cash Commissions

Just another online gimmick promoting fast and easy money, that actually offers nothing of the sort. Click Cash Commissions provides very basic and incomplete training for affiliate marketing and focuses on methods of promotion that are ineffective, including ‘viral marketing’ through Facebook and Twitter. This is a product to avoid, especially with the high price tag.

Forex Secret Journal Doesn’t Teach Forex Anymore


Somehow I ended up on the email list of Forex Secret Journal. I’ve been receiving emails from them for several months now, all with ridiculous titles that do not reflect the content of the links. I’ve even reviewed some of the products they promote, and all of them are worthless. This is email marketing at it’s worst!

Use Your Common Sense With Commission Killer

Commission Killer

Commission Killer offers software and some training that is designed to develop websites, affiliate links and content for you, but falls far short of its aims. The product is far from the easy button it claims to be and most people would make money faster and more effectively by doing the work for themselves and avoiding this product altogether.

Is Avalanche X’s Fake Webinar and Low-Quality Traffic For You?

avalanche x review

I was direct to Avalanche X from a product called 10k giveaway (which is already a red flag), though many of you probably landed there because some guy sent you an email about a “game changing system”. It’s just another automatic website creator with “traffic getting” software that doesn’t work as well as they say it does.

The Fake Is Oozing From Trading Crisis

trading crisis review

I ran into tech errors, which should be a warning sign that this “app” that chooses trades for you should not be trusted. Binary options scams are very common these days, and free apps are just a front for the $200 minimum fee that you need to fund your trading account. Stay far away from this product!

A Brief Look Into Craigslist Work From Home Scams

craiglist work from home scams

Most of what I do on One More Cup of Coffee is review products that are supposed to make you money online, and I do not want to turn my website into a “scam finder”. However, the amount of work from home scams found on Craigslist cannot be ignored. I’ve never been a big user of Craigslist for anything, but after my recent move, I’ve been looking for cheap furniture on the site, and took a quick look at the jobs listings.