Z Best Freebies: No Freebies in Sight

Z Best FreebiesProduct Name: Z Best Freebies
Product Owner: Zollie Ferell
Price: Free
Upsells: $40/month for Method 2
Rating: 10/100

What Is It?

Z Best Freebies involves signing up for, and using, a referral system that rewards users for signing up ‘freebies’, trials and products.

Before You Buy:

At its heart, Z Best Freebies is a referral site. Users earn rewards (either money through PayPal or prizes) by completing offers on other websites, most of which involve putting money down. After earning 100 credits on the site, users also have the option of making money by referring other users, but this element of the site comes at a monthly cost. Using Z Best Freebies requires using a credit card (and not a prepaid one), which can be risky and users need to be very careful about precisely where their personal information ends up.

This is a common scam, and has been done with other products like Instant Payday Network and Project Payday.

What I Liked:

To be honest, I don’t think there was a single thing I liked about this site. Potentially users could earn money from it, but I think that would be challenging and not worth the risk.

What I Didn’t Like:

The Process Itself

The very first thing I want to talk about concerning Z Best Freebies is the actual processes involved. The website is very unclear about how users will actually be making money but it essentially involves completing offers and helping other people complete offers to make a commission or get a free gift.

My first challenge in using the site was actually figuring out what I was supposed to be doing, and where to start.

Eventually, I got to the stage where you choose offers. To receive credit for the ‘gift’ I selected, I had to get 100 credits. The offers ranged from 5 credits a piece to 50 credits. However, most of the offers were under 20 credits. In fact, there were only two offers on the page that were actually free, making it pretty much impossible to get anything out of the program without spending money.

Actual free offers

I picked the option on the right and went through the process. I stopped short of actually signing up, because the ‘free’ offer was actually going to cost me $9.99 for the first month, and $29.99 for every month afterwards (which is actually really expensive for a site that delivers one pair of boxers per month).

The option on the left wasn’t much better, even though it offered 50 points. This offer involved signing up for a Discover It card, which is essentially a credit card. Users only get the points for the card if they actually qualify for it. Given the first step of this process involves using your social security number, users outside of the United States wouldn’t be able to complete the offer anyway. Some of the other companies did offer free trials, but they were few and far between.

At the end of the day, making any profit from this Z Best Freebies involves completing a number of offers, many of which involve putting money down. After that, you have to hope that all of the offers you complete actually credit to your account properly and that you actually get your ‘prize’ at the end of it all.

The Second Option

What I have just discussed is what the site refers to as ‘Method 1’. Users have to go through and green a site (meaning they have to reach the 100 credit mark, which as I found, can be expensive) to be able to earn money through ‘Method 2’.

Method 2 involves supporting other users, and helping them to complete Method 1. The concept is that users who do this get a proportion of the money that others make.

Theoretically, this approach costs less and has more potential for profit than Method 1, but it has some major issues.

First, you are misleading other users, promoting the concept of ‘freebies’, when there is really significant cost involved in ‘greening’.


Cost of Method 2

$40 a month is quite a price to pay for the opportunity to earn money, particularly as there is no guarantee you will actually do so. If a user is trying to make money through Method 2, then they are competing against a number of other users who are attempting the same approach.

In reality, the $40 a month does not cover the costs of support and the network, but is simply a way for the company to earn profits off the users. At the end of the day, you have to put a significant amount of money down to potentially make a profit from Z Best Freebies, and even then, nothing is guaranteed.


Using specific lingo is fairly common on sites that promote making money online, but normally that lingo is the same across most or all of those sites, and many of the people using the product will have some familiarity with it. Z Best Freebies has a tendency to use lingo that isn’t explained, making it challenging for the user to figure out what is going on. The most common example of lingo I found was the concept of ‘greening’ or ‘completing a green’:

Completing a green

The term green seems to do nothing more than hide the amount of work (and cost!) associated with the process

After a bit of digging I worked out that completing a green involves simply meeting all the requirements of a website, which is something you need to do to get the money from it. Honestly, I’m not sure why they didn’t just say this to begin with, rather than using an obscure term that makes understanding all the more confusing.

First Impressions

Now, it is possible for a site to look bad and be a good way of making money, but generally speaking this isn’t the case. If a site doesn’t look at least somewhat professional, it’s normally because their product or service isn’t nearly as good as they claim, or the owner just doesn’t care.

Graphic from site

This graphic takes around 30 seconds to make in Word.

The overall appearance of the site isn’t too bad, but it isn’t too good either. Honestly, it looks the website that someone makes when they first get involved in affiliate marketing, right when they haven’t learned good strategies for making websites look good.

There were lots of other issues that I noticed with the site, such as things being spelled wrong or broken images.

Honestly, if the site owner can’t even take the time to make sure everything works on the site, I’m hesitant to believe that it will offer much in the way of money making.

Website issues

Not very professional

Broken image


Z Best Freebies sounds like a site where you are completing free offers, but in reality this isn’t the case at all. Almost all discussions on the site focus on the money that you can make from completing offers, but fail to mention just how expensive some of these offers can be.

'Fast' $65

This ‘fast’ $65 involves completing the 100 credits that I discussed earlier, which will cost you at least $65 and probably quite a bit more.

In reality, the only ‘freebies’ that this site even hosts are free trials to some services, which you would have access to without going through the site.

Additionally, the only way to use this site is to sign up for things using a real credit card (i.e. not a prepaid card), which can be considerably risky. The website owner notes that users have to watch out for charges that are preauthorized and go through before the trial period is over.

Preauthorized charges

They act like it is no big deal that the money will be taken out of your account because the charges will be reversed later. Personally, I don’t want any company pulling money out of my account, particularly when I only signed up for a free trial. Additionally, the site mentions that there may be some issues from credit card companies.

Credit card issues

So, by completing ‘free’ offers, users risk their cards being put on hold, and money being taken off them as preauthorized charges. Furthermore, many of the free trials are automatically renewed subscriptions. This means they won’t cost if you cancel the payment before the trial is up, but if you forget, even once, the cost can be substantial.

Incentive freebie sites, like Z Best Freebies, and also like Project Payday are not a good way of making money. They can cost a significant amount of time and money, and make the user completely reliant on the site to make a profit. Plus, you are providing your credit card information to websites with no real knowledge of how this information is going to be used. It is a significant amount of risk that offers little in the way of a reward.

Who Is This Product For?

This product would only really help someone with a large amount of free time that doesn’t mind taking a lot of financial risks to make money. Honestly though, there are many better ways to make money online that require less money down and much less risky. I don’t know why anyone would try to earn money on a site like Z Best Freebies, particularly as most of the products that you end up paying for are very low quality and surprisingly expensive.

Final Review

Thumbs Down

What Now?

If you want to earn money online, Z Best Freebies is not a good way to go. Being successful online involves having control over your own business. Any other approach will give you short-term success at best, and you are absolutely stuck if the site or network folds under you. You can start building your online business today.

There are many legitimate online business approaches that are much more effective and reliable than Z Best Freebies and don’t involve substantial costs up front or taking chances with your credit card and personal information.


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  1. Rita says

    I signed up for Project Payday and then Z Best Freebies through the Project Payday and I had no idea that it would cost me $40 for this site! I can’t figure out how to cancel with this company and am so frustrated that I spend an entire day trying to figure it out. I also did the fast track for the 50 dollars on Project Payday and never received the email to get credited. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Nathaniell says

      This is the game they play Rita. Unfortunately, I can’t help much with getting your money back or canceling whatever you bought, but your experience will server to prove that these companies are not to be trusted. I would attempt to cancel billing through the welcome email they sent you, or, worst case scenario, cancel your credit card if they refuse to stop billing you.

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