Web Fortune Master Review: Welcome To The Web of Lies

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Web Fortune Master is a Scam. 4 months after doing this review they continued to take $8.78 out of my account under a different name each month. I didn’t figure out it was This company until calling a central call center where many products outsource their customer support.

They have since stopped charging me, but I don’t recommend you even try this company. Continue reading for more details about what you find inside, and take a look at the comments to see other people’s experiences!


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 The product known as Web Fortune Master is advertised under many different “work from home” names, aliases, and promoters. As you will find out below, none of this is real. It’s actually just some deceptive advertising.

Product Names

  • My Online Ebiz
  • EZ Stay At Home Income
  • Home Income Kit
  • Profit Web System
  • Google VIP

Product URLs

  • home-online-jobs.org
  • ebizsecure.secureweboffer.com
  • Army5.com
  • webfortunemaster.com
  • mystayathomeincome.com

Product “Owners”

  • Katie Smith
  • Kelly Richards
  • Janet Rhodes
  • Kenneth G
  • Jessica Bradley

Advertised Price:

  • $97, $77, $47, + others
  • I paid $9.95

Rating: N/A


What is it?

Start a home based business through affiliate marketing, CPA, and blogging.

Short Review:

The content contained within the Web Fortune Master product itself was actually pretty good, but because it is promoted by so many scam websites and surrounded by so much hype/lies, I cannot recommend you purchase this product under any circumstances.

The following review is very detailed and may take a while to read. If you would like to read the whole thing, great. If you want to skip all that, here’s what you should do: Sign up for some free training to learn how to build your first website and make money from it. But before you do that, please make sure you understand what you are signing up for. It’s free but will be useless if you don’t know what it is.

Before You Buy: Web Fortune Master Shady Advertising

As usual, someone spammed my YouTube channel with a video that lead to ‘make money’ system. The original domain was army5.com, that redirected to “fake news” website. These websites are designed to look like local news websites to make you think the information is legitimate, and it’s a ‘report’, not an advertisement. These are called advertorials, and are a form of advertising that some consider deceptive, depending on how it’s executed. The details of this advertorial are shown in a light grey font on a white background to make it harder for your to read.

Fake News Header - Essense of Advertorials

Advertorial Example

Click image to read details. Image screenshot from the advertorial on webfortunemaster.com.

You usually see a video with a blond lady telling a success story about a mother that makes money from home. This is NOT a real news report, it is a mock up made by a production team to seem like a news report.

Fake News Report

Look familiar? This video is used all over the place. It’s NOT REAL!

This video has been used many times across several websites. It’s unclear whether the websites are affiliated with each other or if the video has been bought and sold and used by separate parties.

Two Websites Same Fake VideoAs you dig deeper, more and more red flags show up. You will see logos for places like CNBC, CNN, and USA Today to make you think that this product has been featured on those news stations. Pay close attention, because it will usually say something like “The State of The Economy has been featured”, where it’s unclear what they are making reference to. It’s obvious that these websites HAVE NOT been featured in the news.

State of the Economy Fake Endorsements

Here is another example, calling these websites “Link Partners”, which could mean anything. I can guarantee that these search engines do not endorse this product. The term “link partners” is vague enough that it could mean anything, for example, that the links can be found on these places. Of course they are, all links are.

Fake Link Partners

They will also put pressure on you, giving you fake discounts, and fake warnings that there are limited spaces available, or that the offers are only for residents of your area. There is not discount, no limitation, and this offer is not specific to you.

Fake Limitation - Misleading Advertising

Fake Limitation - Misleading Advertising 2

Why step into the lions den and then be left to fend for yourself. Sign up for my free 5 day email course to see exactly how I make money online.

It’s free, it’s simple, and by the end of it, you will have a clear idea of what you need to learn, what you need to do, and how much it’s going to cost you. Sign Up Here

After You Buy: The Web Fortune Master Product

Yes, I did buy the product for $9.95 (after the fake discounts), but I was very hesitant to submit my credit card information. They also ask for a phone number, but after reading some scam reports online, I submitted a fake one to prevent their phone calls.

There is actually quite a bit of content within the members area, and it’s surprisingly not bad information. Based on content alone, I would probably give it a score in the low 70′s, which is still a pass.

Members Only Training Logo

This is the logo you’ll see after you jump through all the ridiculous hoops and advertising tricks.

Path 1: Websites

Path 2: Blogs

These are actually pretty similar, and some of the content is actually repeated. The videos are explained in plain and simple English, which is a plus. They also emphasize not spamming your links, and how to write quality content for visitors.

The vides are not super high quality, but passable, and the general structure for making money on the internet is there. They cover things like how to create a blog and make money from advertising, how to set up a website and make money from eBay, how to make money with CPA (if you don’t know that is, don’t worry about it), and how to do affiliate marketing.

They also cover things like how to get traffic, how to use social media for your business, and a few other topics. Though the general framework works, there is more than one missing piece to the puzzle, and you will have to do a lot of independent research to figure out what exactly is going on. This is not a stand alone product, and there is no support for the material.

What’s in the VIP Lessons?

These are not really worth your time. Most of the information is outdated or incomplete. I got the feeling that this info was put in the product just to make it seem like you get more value.

Please see below to find out specifics about what I liked and didn’t like about the product.

What I Liked:

As I mentioned above, the information was pretty legit. I didn’t cover all of it because there was quite a bit, but from what I saw, the general framework of how to build a website and make money from it was there. It was not a ‘scam’, and it was not a ‘fake product’.

However, there was much more to dislike about it.

What I Didn’t Like:

First off, the SEO lessons clearly outdated. Things he mentioned about social bookmarking, backlinking, and meta keywords are no longer used and can actually damage your online reputation or make you lose rank in the search engines.

- The À La Carte section was Empty.

- I did not try the Online Auctions AKA Audio Seminars

- The Website Tools section was utterly useless. Thinks like page comparison and keyword research were confusing to use, or have no bearing in today’s world of online business.

- The Stress to Success section was just a motivational PDF. This is also useless.

- The worst thing about this product is that there was no real information on how to implement these things. If I hand you a screwdriver, some sheet metal, two tires, and some nuts and bolts can you build me a motorcycle? Probably not. That’s basically what they’re doing with Web Fortune Master.

Who Is This Product For:

$10 isn’t much, so if you want to take your chances, go for it. However, I do not trust this company or any affiliated companies, and do not recommend you purchase Web Fortune Master or any product related to these domains or companies.

Final Review

Thumbs Down

What Now?

The internet is full of online scams. Most are extremely misleading in telling you how much you can make, or how easy it is to make money online. It’s true that you can make money, but it takes work, dedication, and time.

If you can commit to at least 6 months of work with no profit and understand that your first website will probably fail (but you are willing to try again), then you should consider joining a membership website with affiliate marketing training tools. This is how I learned to make money from my blogs, and it’s how I was able to meet other people working online.

Please ready my full Wealthy Affiliate Review for a detailed on what you can expect from their training and tools, how to get your FREE ACCOUNT, and how they helped me succeed online.

Speaking of stumbling blocks – are you stuck? Let me know what’s preventing you from moving forward in the comments below and I’ll see if I can help you work through it.

Author: Nathaniell (401 Posts)

My name is Nathaniell and I'm the owner of One More Cup of Coffee. I started my first online business in 2010 and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course for and learn how to start yours for FREE!


  1. William says


    All I can say is thank you. I happened to sign up for “Web Fortune Master” and recieved a phone call about 10 minutes later. I was convinced because it was not a voice message that I recieved but a actual person I talked to. After a while she asked me how old I was and I said 14 (which is the truth) and she said I was to young. Thankfully, I was to young because I talked to my mom about signing up. We looked it up online and happened to find this article. I read it, and realized that everything you pointed out was true. The woman said here name was Kelly Richards and also said I was the “preferred customer of the day” and offered me a discount of $47. I was really tempted but did not sign up and pay. I am also glad I found your website because I really want to start doing what you do. So once again Thank you.


    • Nathaniell says

      Hey William – smart move getting your mom involved. There are a lot of snakes out there, so before you sign up for anything, including what I offer and promote on my website, make sure your mom approves. Building a website will be a piece of cake for you, but signing up for affiliate programs and getting paid may require you to have a Paypal or bank account, and you might have to provide personal information to the companies so they can give you tax forms. So yeah, make sure that a parent is somewhat involved or on standby in case you need help.

  2. Lynn says

    Hi Nathaniell,

    As a rule of thumb, and from years of experience, if anyone asks for money from me in order that I make money, I stay far away. I am a psychology graduate, and I agree with your statement that, “when you want to believe something is true, we can often convince ourselves anything.” I too have been tempted too many times. Thank goodness that I stick to that rule of thumb, and thank goodness that we have people out there like you helping us out.

    • Nathaniell says

      No worries – I’m glad to help out. If you need any assistance getting started or have any questions, just let me know in the comments here. I’ll be on the blog all day so I’ll be able to get back to you pretty fast.

  3. jp says

    Hey Nathaniell I WAS LOOKING ONLINE to make some money from home and I seen the web fortune it sound to good to be true. I came up on your reviews. If you can send me a legit website that I can make good money working from home. im willing to put in work.

    • Nathaniell says

      Hi JP, take a look at my #1 Recommendation to see where I got my training back in the day and where I send people to get started. It’s an awesome place to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

  4. Sania lynn says

    Hey sania
    january 15,2014
    I would love to get the income from working at home so far no such luck im a single mom of two finding it really difficult to be out in the demands of the job market where they have no regards to peoples reasons and needs .please help

  5. Faith says

    Thanks for the review. But isnt all the “good” sparkly staff of scam websites, including webfortune master, so obvious to doubt it 2x or more ? People should atleast research a bit before ordering…Enter you name and email and then 2 more vacancy near your area! I dont even know what they are referring to. I immediately recognize that typical “rush” of scammers. And the blonde news anchor is so fake…and all the highlighting…It is a deal breaker for me. Your blog is useful. English is my second language and do you think language proficiency would affect this type of business? I am in the healthcare/insurance field but we just lost a contract and for some unknown period I will be unemployed. It is frustrating…

    • Nathaniell says

      It may be obvious to some, but when you want to believe something is true, we can often convince ourselves anything. It’s how people got taken for a ride in the housing bubble, and it’s how people lost their money in the stock market crash. It’s why these gurus are so successful, and will continue to be. I’m certainly not immune to it – though I’m pretty savvy now when it comes to online marketing stuff, I still get swept up in various types of advertising.

      I read your whole comment, and you certainly didn’t seem to have any issues with English. I think most people nowadays are aware that the internet is international, and can forgive spelling/grammar errors if the content is solid, interesting, and unique. I have read many websites from non-native English speakers, and the same goes for connecting on social media.

      If you are really worried about it, you can hire a proofreader. It’s not very economical in the beginning, so I don’t recommend it, but as your business grows and you have bigger projects (private courses, product launches, or whatever), you certainly can find someone to double check your work.

      Affiliate marketing definitely is something that you can learn while you are out of work, or preparing to switch jobs. Some people work better under pressure. I by no means recommend it as a last resort to getting income that you NEED because it’s impossible to tell how fast you will learn and how fast you will start making sales. But affiliate marketing absolutely does work, and starting your education NOW could mean that you don’t actually need to find a new job!

  6. KierstynM says

    Fortunately, I was not scammed. Sorry to those who were, I have reported them to the BBB. Which might be the reasoning for them changing their names so much.

    • Nathaniell says

      Unfortunately, the BBB can only do so much, but thanks for taking the time to warn people of this scam!

  7. Zette says

    Hi Nathaniell,

    I also was looking into Web Fortune Master’s

    For I was let go of my job of 4 years on 1/3/2014 and came across your reviews and comments
    very interesting. Glad I found you first.
    I am leaving this web site and going to Wealthy Affiliate and reading all they have to say.
    thanks for all the info.

  8. emanuele says

    I am one of those fools who paid the $ 97 ano not even fight to get the money back I realized after half-time and ra a scam that should be and the life

    • Nathaniell says

      I’m sorry to hear that. Though $97 isn’t that bad – some guys buy products for tens of thousands of dollars and then realize it’s a scam!

  9. says

    Hi Nathaniell,
    Attempted to send you an email just minutes ago and it just dissappeared, don’t know if it went thru or what so if this is a duplication please excuse. Anyway I read your site from top to bottom. I to was about to purchase WFM however after so many online scams and rip offs I always now research to see what others are saying about these sites before I spend my money. It’s been so detailled I’ve not had to read any other comments. I’m not that computer literate, right now I drive for a living however I do have some time in the middle of my day to put in about 1 to 2 or 3 hrs a day {some days}. Nathaniell I understand it takes some time and hard work which I’m willing to do if I can do it w/help from someone w/your expertize. I also would like to eventually put it on auto-pilot. I’m looking for something that will not have me glued to a computer 24/7. When I retire I want to have residual monies coming in {do something one time and get paid over & over again}. I’ve done the MLM’s, HYIP’s, Online Programs that have not paid a dime, so I’m looking now to build a retirement income for myself. I was suppose to have retired last month Nov, now here I am still working outside my home and I’m sick and tired of it. I need to rest and relax now. Don’t have alot of money to dish out at first however I understand once the business starts generating money for me I will put back into the business to keep it growing.

    Please send me whatever I would need to get started and help from you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Nathaniell says

      I’ll send you an email later tonight. Remember that how much you make online isn’t about the “system”, it’s about how much work you put into it. Some folks make a few bucks, others make fortunes. I’m about middle of the road.

    • ashley says

      Hey Nathaniell,
      I read this entire thread and am interested in picking your brain :)
      I used to have a small store on ebay for 6 years. Now im flipping houses here and there. I have good computer skills and would love to hear how you got into this business and your recommendations. Please email me.
      Ashley W.

    • Nathaniell says

      Just replied! I’ll tell you, if you can flip houses, you can be an internet marketer. I’m actually trying to learn real estate investing and it’s like a foreign language to me. You are way ahead of the game with your ebay skills, so take a look at my email and see what you think.

  10. manpreet says

    hello nathaniell,
    i am also one of them who is being fooled by webfortune master.
    i wanted future of my account. you know very well. its very sensetive information. once i have been paid for this about $47.
    in future i don’t want to paid anything. also i want to quite this game.
    can u help me how can i delete my account from that site safely?
    can i really get my money back.? please tell me whats good option for me. My family’s economic condition is not good. i don’ want to waste my money anymore. please help me.

    • Nathaniell says

      You’ll need to contact their service and ask for you money back, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll get it.

  11. Navi K says

    Hi Nathaniell,
    I would like to work online from home. I was just about to sign up for web fortune master review but before that i thought to read some review about it, so i ended up on this page which really helped me. Good thing i didn’t join it. Can you help me or if you can provide any instructions …how to work online from home? NO SCAMS websites.
    Thank you

    • Nathaniell says

      Hi Navi, my #1 product has been linked in the review and in the main menu. There are also links within the review that will show you where to go. Thanks for reading!

  12. Lee says

    Hi Nathaniell,

    Thank you for the info. I plan to subscribe to your email service/course.

    I have worked from home for years but about a year ago the company I worked for sent all their jobs overseas and I am now in need of replacing the income and stay at home.

    I am fairly internet savvy, have decent computer skills, etc. but I’m not sure how to parlay these abilities to making money online.

    Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense? I’m not sure where to start or what’s the best.

    Also, I am not opposed to putting a web site out there, but value my privacy, so is that even possible? And, I’m not really an expert at anything, just know a little something about a lot of things. Is there any market for that?

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Congrats on your success!

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey Lee,

      I do not advise people to use Google Adsense, and here’s why. I do affiliate marketing, and it’s what’s taught in the course.

      If you value your privacy, that’ fine! Just use your first name, a nickname, or a pen name. And make sure you register your domain privately when you set up your website. To make money online, you really need a website.

      You do not have to be an expert to make money online! You just need to be able to provide valuable information to the folks that want it. This can be done with research! In fact, I didn’t start as an expert in any of my niches. I found a niche I liked, then did the research. After a few months of struggling to write, I found that writing was easier and easier, and eventually I knew a lot! It’s like any other skill – it takes time.

      I would not go into the “little bit of everything” market. It’s hard to define you audience. I would pick a niche market, and try to make it very specific at first, then go broad. Starting too broad is a huge challenge!

      I wish you success in your business venture, and email me or leave a comment if you have more questions :)

  13. Francois Edouard says

    I m very interested about your training and will sign up, but like others i would like to know how much income that can generate

    • Nathaniell says

      You can generate as much income as work you put in. Some earn nothing, others, thousands. This is not a “system”, it’s a business. If you look for products or systems, you will fail. Build a business, and you will succeed.

  14. servas says

    Hey nathaniel ,I’m interested in making money online,but don’t have any idea were to start. can you tell me around how much can i make using the sites you most recommend.

  15. Bianca says

    Hi! So, I’m embarrassed to say it, but they got me…I’m very impulsive and I didn’t bother to do research on them until after I spent $49.95 on something that isn’t at all what I thought I was paying for. My question is this: Should I cancel my account with these guys or can I simply forget it ever happened? I guess what I’m really trying to ask is if I do nothing about it, will my bank account be safe? Another embarrassing fact: I gave them the number for my debit card, am I in trouble here?

    • Nathaniell says

      I think your bank account is safe. So far, I haven’t heard of any fraudulent activity. But I would definitely watch your account for the next month or two to look for any recurring/hidden charges you might incur. And watch out for any mysterious phone calls in the near future – it’s probably someone trying to sell you more stuff!

  16. Daniel says

    I’m interested in making money online and having hard time getting the real deal from different websites. You seem to be a good person and I’m going to take a look at your course and recommendations.


    • Nathaniell says

      Hey Daniel, great to meet you. I’ll get an email to you today, and let me know if you found my recommendations OK. Thanks for reading.

  17. comitia williams says


    I am a High School Special Education Teacher and a newly divorced mother of two teenage daughters. I am interested in finding economical ways to make additional money from home. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

    Be Blessed

    • Nathaniell says

      Hi Comitia. I just sent you an email. Thanks for reading the review and I hope I’m able to get you started in something you enjoy and can make money from.

  18. Air Espenilla says

    Hey nathaniel , I’ve been interested in this websfortunemaster also and i almost bought into it until i saw your review, so thanks for that. Now im interested in your method, think i can get a link to help me get started? thanks man

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey, I’ve sent you an email. Feel free to reply with questions. The starter account and training is free, so try it and see if this is something you are interested in doing long term.

  19. Tim Kutsin says

    Hey Nathaniell,
    Yeah me too. If i can sign up. Not looking to “get rich quick”, just tired (51 years old) of driving to work everyday. Willing to put in my time and effort to make money online. Have little money to invest.

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey Tim, I responded. I guess I need to revamp my review because I put quite a few links to my recommended training program in there. Anyway, I’m happy to send you the link via email, and I can help you out as you go through the training course. It’s great to meet you, an I hope I’m able to help you get started in the right direction.

  20. Andrea says

    Hi Nathaniell,

    Thanks for the info out here because I was also looking at the web fortune master. I am looking to start work from home. Do you recommend any programs that I can begin now while I still have full time work? I am bilingual (Spanish/English). I plan on leaving the FT I have now in January 2014. Any recommendations you can give would be great. Thanks! Have a great day!

    • Nathaniell says

      Hi Andrea, congrats on leaving full time work (I think…lol). I have linked to my recommendations here in the article, but I will send you a link in an email to make sure you found everything OK.

  21. Maryanne says

    Hi Nathaniell – Love this post. However, I almost joined when I read this sites review: [removed]. After reading it I thought wow, finally I could get a job online. Currently, I am involved with Instant Rewards, Giant Cinema, and PaySpirit. So far I have earned nothing. Instant rewards you have to buy offers and then get others to do so. If they do, you earn that way. Giant Cinema claims they are ground floor company and ask you to get referrals, however there is no income. PaySpirit is the same. No money, no information as to who they are, where they are located. Finding information on them is nearly impossible. I wrote to the only email address they list to ask about getting my money and no response. Trying to get your money is nearly impossible. In fact I haven’t met anyone yet who has ever gotten their money. I earned, so far, $350 and I can’t get it! Even though the website says all I have to do to download the request form is buy into some of their offers….uugg. So if you can help me with a real legit home work/job I would really appreciate it!

    • Nathaniell says

      There are a few links within this post that you should follow, but I’ll send you an email with a link to the place where I received my training. Sorry to hear about your situation. One time, a company didn’t pay me $2500 in commissions, so I completely understand your frustration! Most of these places are fly-by-night schemes unfortunately.

  22. Amy J. says

    Hi Nathaniell.I would really be interested in what knowledge you have to offer about online business and earning extra money in the online market.I am partially disabled at the moment due to illness and am really looking for something to supplement my income with out needing a lot of secular education to do so.I do take part in online surveys for now just as something small but would like to get involved in something like freelance writing.I have checked out places like Skyword and Odesk as for freelance writing opportunities but honestly am still confused about the process.I would be willing hone in on my writing capabilities without pay if that’s what It takes to set a foundation.Free free to email me.

    • Nathaniell says

      I’ll send you an email today. I actually have a friend that’s doing a writeup on how to apply bid and get jobs on oDesk. But, the big thing is going to be you trying and failing. Anything in the beginning is going to be confusing. I suggest you read this article about earning money with freelance writing, and I’ll let you know when the oDesk one is posted as well.

      I also have my recommended training that you’ll see a couple adverts on here about, but there is a monthly fee associated with it, and it does take a couple months to implement the training they provide, so it’s not ‘get paid by the job’ type of stuff.

  23. Ashley says

    I need help!!!! I am a single mother of 2 and I need money to buy my kids some Christmas presents…there are not many high paying jobs out there with out a degree and I am going to college to become a registered nurse……I am not very computer literate but I would love to find out how I can work from home and make good money…is there a way to do this fast and is it really hard? Please email me and HELP
    Thank you sooo much

    • Nathaniell says

      To make money with affiliate marketing, you need time. This coming Christmas is way too soon to expect any decent profit, but Christmas 2014 is a more realistic goal. If you need to make some money quickly, without getting scammed, I would suggest you try freelance writing

  24. says

    Hi Nathaniell,
    I just came across Web fortune Master for $97.00. True to form it had the exact same video on it you have posted above. It all seemed legit. I actually read more on the web page than any other before, since I always feel like any page that looks like it is scammy and move on. This one just seemed different for some reason… oh yeah, because it supposedly had a local lady’s name and picture as a testimonial. Anyway, I Googled coupon codes for it and you came up. Even though I wasn’t done researching and would have actually searched out the lady on the site, I am SOOOO happy you came up in my search results! You have saved me wasted time and frustration! THANKS for that!

    • Nathaniell says

      I’m glad that you were able to come across my post in your research. They use techniques to give you a false sense of emergency (only 3 positions left!) and also a false sense of security (this person made money too!) to coax you into paying for something. Unfortunately, these marketing tactics work, but they are not my style.

      Sure, I’ll get you an email in just a second. Just remember than earning potential for an online business is directly related to how wisely you use your time and what you invest your time in.

  25. Kathy says

    Glad to see all of your remarks on the online scams. I will check your site and certainly move forward to learn, learn and learn some more so I CAN do at home online work. Thanks

  26. Joseph Walter says

    Last Sunday I signed up after I paid $ 49.95. Until today I have not heard from them not even a confirmation that they receivd my money. Now I believe it is a scam.

  27. Lav says

    Thanks for your reply Nathaniell! I called to WEb fortune master customer care. They said its one time payment. They also mentioned money back if we didnt get the money in one month what we paid. But We cant trust them.

    • Nathaniell says

      I’m glad to hear everything worked out! Since you already paid for it, I suggest you watch some of the videos, but I cannot recommend all the training they have. Some of it is OK, but some can do damage to your site.

  28. Lav says

    I too paid $10 in Web fortune master :( . I hope i lot that money. But i have a question.. will they charge more money from my credit card in coming days?

    • Nathaniell says

      They did not charge mine, but I suggest you call your credit card company and ask if they can see if it is a recurring charge. Sometimes they can see information about the vendor, sometimes not. I would also send an email to web fortune master just to double check. They did NOT charge me, but there many ways to sign up for this program, and I don’t know if your method included multiple charges.

  29. says

    I have operated many e-commerce websites for a long while. My problem is not monetizing them properly, but getting sufficient targeted traffic to them. I’ve tired myself out posting to e-zines, article submission sites and such. None of the free-traffic suggestions typically offered by popular gurus have produced any profitable results. What do you suggest I do that I haven’t already tired?

    • Nathaniell says

      Definitely get a blog up on your site and write informative articles that do not promote products. Some can, but don’t make all of them a promotion. People want help, not products. When you provide them with help, you will have an audience. Sometimes they buy, sometimes they don’t. Provide them with a list of products and they will just go look at another store.

      You could also gain traffic with PPC. It requires a budget, but can be super targeted and a quick way to get traffic without things like SEO or social media. WIth ecommerce sites you will always be in competition with Amazon and other big places. With blogs and PPC, you can carve out a market for yourself pretty easily.

    • Nathaniell says

      Yes, some may consider it a scam. I actually thought the videos were OK, but I definitely do not recommend it as a buy! Their advertising could DEFINITELY be considered a scam though.

  30. AMY says


    • Nathaniell says

      Hi Amy, I sent you an email, but you can also see my #1 rated product listed in the body of the review and a few times in comments. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and I wish you success in making money online!

  31. Nancy says

    Nathaniell, I am looking for anything i can do to work from home that is legal. Was wondering if you could help me.

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey Nancy, Web Fortune Master is legal but I don’t recommend it. My recommend product is mentioned a few times above in the review and comments.

  32. MIchelle Henry says

    Nathaniell, thank you for your timely response. I will be looking out for your e-mail. I already build a website for my husband’s business through Vista print, I hope that this experience should eventually help me. If not, my son is a graphic designer, maybe he will help me if I should ever need his expertise. Looking forward in working with you!

    • Nathaniell says

      Excellent. I haven’t used Vista Print before, but your experience with them will surely help you at least be familiar with the internet and general actions that need to be done for creating your website. I use WordPress for my own sites. If your son is a graphic designer, he will definitely be able to get you set up with a simple logo for your first site!

  33. MIchelle Henry says

    I have read all the reviews. Good job on expressing details. Can you please send me an e-mail regarding your source of income and how much you really make? You seem to be an honest person who tells it like it is and wants to help inexperienced ones to know the truth. I am looking for an opportunity to make money from home myself. I don’t mind putting in the time, effort and hard work now, for the success of the future. If it works for me, I will introduce this to my friends and family who are in similar situations as I am.

    • Nathaniell says

      Sure Michelle, I’ll send an email in just a moment. If you can commit time and energy, you’ve got it made. That’s all it really takes. Building a website isn’t rocket science these days. Most of the work will be figuring out what type of products the customer wants, and how to get your content found in Google. Setting up your website the proper way can seem daunting at first, but if you follow the instructions laid out for you, you can get a basic website set up and make small improvements over time. In the end, a customer can forgive things like web design, graphics, or other visual things, but they will NOT forgive unhelpful content!

  34. Birdie says

    Hello again
    Thank you for responding to my email in such detail you truly are inspiring! I did have a couple of other questions do you have any college experience in this field? And also have you heard of a company called Motor Club of America? They are all over Facebook claiming you can earn 160-560 a week working from home and you do have to put up 40 bucks thanks for your help :)

    • Nathaniell says

      I had absolutely no experience in marketing, computer science, advertising, or any related field. Everything I learned was from WA :)

      Motor Club of American is an MLM, which basically means you sell people an ‘opportunity’ to make money… Kind of like a pyramid scheme, except they have a ‘product’ which makes it technically legal. In the case of MCA, you sell car insurance. Not only is it car insurance, but it’s a kind that no one has heard of, so your job is to convince them that it’s better than their current insurance and/or they can make money by ALSO selling insurance!

      I’m sure you can tell that I don’t think very highly of it, but most of all, I would not want to base my internet business on selling one single product, and a shady one at that. Most people get caught up in the opportunity to make money and the fancy income figures they show in advertising, which is also typical of MLM.

  35. Birdie says

    Hello Nate!
    I first want to say thank you for this information that I almost got sucked into and thank you for sincerely answering everyone’s question I will be taking your course :) Thanks again for your honesty :)

    • Nathaniell says

      I’m glad you found the review useful, and decided to sign up for the course. I’m also super happy that you read everything in the review! Lots of people don’t read it very closely and miss the parts where I say, “This is where you get good training” and “Here is my email course”. LOL. Oh well.

  36. Amanda Naughton says

    So I searched “Web Fortune Masters Reviews” and found you. Curious if you have any info on legit businesses looking for people to work from home. Admin Support and Realty are my specialties and thought since you knew Web Fortune Masters was a total shyster biz you might be able to tell me who is legit.


  37. says

    Hey Nathaniell – thanks for the great review! I am also a member at Wealthy Affiliate, and I SO appreciate the sincerity and actual value there.

    This one came through a job information email today and I had to check it out. I knew it was spammy, but I wanted to see all of the ins and outs. So thanks for providing that.

    I hope people will stop wasting their money on these scams and go to WA for proper training in affiliate marketing.

    • Nathaniell says

      You are so right. It’s easy to get swept up in advertising, but really, when you sign on to any system, you should be looking at what type of training and support they provide. Affiliate marketing isn’t impossible for newbies to learn, but you need to get the right training to be successful. There’s so much information out there, and a lot of it is just plain WRONG! WA really keeps training up to date, and you can’t beat live support!

  38. Matthew J says

    I am a disabled Veteran OIF,OEF, SSGT USMC. I just had another 8hr surgery at the VA and am not able to work for another 6=8 months as i will have to learn to walk again etc etc. I do get disability pay but i need to be making more money to pay the bills. I am wanting to start working from home-online but cant afford to be scammed. Please help me and show me how or tell me how i can do this and not get scammed. I only have a limited source of income at the moment. Please help!!!!

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey Matthew, I hope your surgery went well, and I’m sorry to hear that you’ll be out of work for so long. Please know, that any kind of online business venture you take on is going to require several months of work before it becomes profitable, and there will likely be recurring fees associated with training, mentorship, or other types of ‘informational costs”. Any program that promises a one time fee will change your life forever is a scam.

      The program I recommend is $49 per month for $359 per year, and that’s all inclusive training, and depending on how you work, most folks have started making sales within 3-6 months. It’ll depend on a few factors, but those are general figures. I’ve linked to it several times on this page, so if you take the time to scroll through the review you can find your way to it and learn more about what they teach.

      Good luck, and let me know if you have any further questions.

  39. Marla says

    Hi Nathaniell, I like your energy and appreciate this post…but I can’t help reading about scams and feeling like I’m about to be scammed. ;-) I currently work from home and I would love to explore what you are doing with building websites. You mentioned in another post that you will privately share what your avg income is outside of this comment forum. I’m curious to know what to expect. If I can build a side business and eventually go on my own that would be ideal! I’m willing to put in the work…what’s the best 1st step? You mention check out “my top rated products”…can you elaborate on the steps and what I can expect? Looking forward to your response… Thanks!

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey Marla, these are some legit questions that need to be asked! I’ll send you an email in a bit to discuss income. For anyone reading this comment, remember that people make anywhere from zero to 10′s of thousands of dollars doing this. It’ll depend on your niche, your own marketing skills, and how much content you make on your website.

      Which also answers your other questions. The stuff I recommend on my site teaches you 3 things: 1) How to build a website 2) How to find products to sell on that website and 3) How to get your website found in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Ok. Maybe there’s a 4, which is how to improve your writing and convert more visitors to customers!

      One of the first things you need to do is choose a niche. After that, you’ll need to build your website, find products for it, and start writing content. All of this is covered in the Online Entrepreneur Course Level 1 which is Free to join. Level 2, 3, and 4 cover things like traffic generation and affiliate programs, but they require an upgrade to a premium membership. Regardless of whether you want to pay for that or not, the free course is totally worth your time, and will give you insight into what a real online business looks like.

  40. Julia Rausch says

    I would be very interested in finding out how to start my own business. Yes, I almost was going to purchase this product until I googled it again and found your site on top. Can you send me some information. Thanks

    • Nathaniell says

      I have lots of info here on the site. You are welcome to look around at find my top rated products.

  41. Mindy says

    Trying to get a job working at home in transcribing. I know for medical or some transcription jobs I may have to take an online class. Till I finish, if I decide to take class, is there transcriptions like to transcribe books to e-books or something else and where would I find.

    • Nathaniell says

      Hi Mindy,

      Sorry, I don’t know much about transcribing. Most of what I do is affiliate marketing, and a contributor to this website (Cassie) knows quite a bit about freelance writing.

  42. maria says

    Hello, was about to purchase the web fortune master but decided to look at reviews first, I came across this and i’m wondering if you would be able to also help me and give me some information about doing what you do, I also if ok with you I would like to get an idea of what you make now, I understand that it may take time to start making money but i’m willing to do that if I can at least make money in the future with it.

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey, that’s an awesome attitude to have! I have made a course just for this – if you go to that red link on my menu bar, currently called “free marketing course”, you’ll get signed up for a 5 day marketing course where I show you exactly what I do. The HOW takes some learning, but I’ll also show you where I learned how to do it. Let me know if you have any questions via email or here on the site in a comment!

  43. Amy says

    Hello I had just fall for webmaster fortune and paid 97 plus 27 I wish I would of googled them first however I didn’t. I have tried to call and get my refund that they promise on their website however I just keep getting hung up by them acting like we have a bad connection. what can I do to get my money back.

    • Nathaniell says

      If they are not answering the phone, try to stop the payment via your credit card. Tell them the service is unresponsive, they did not deliver the product as described, and you cannot contact them to get a refund.

  44. says

    Are there really any ‘work from home’ jobs without paying to get started? If so, could I get some links? Like a lot of people, I don’t have resources to invest, only my time.

    • Nathaniell says

      Free resources are free for a reason – they will probably sell you something eventually, or they don’t pay very well. You can join Amazon Mechanical Turk for free or you can join oDesk for free and freelance write articles or do other tasks. There isn’t really much training on these sites, but they are free to join, and pay at the end of each job.

  45. Chevyb says

    Hi Nathaniell,

    I need your help. I am looking for an automated system, something may take some work setting it up but once set up it’s on autopilot. I do not want to post blogs per say but set up a website and have traffic automatically drawn to it with little to no effort. Is there something out there like that?

    • Nathaniell says

      I’m sorry, but there is nothing out there like that. These are impossible expectations set by scam companies that want your money. Any kind of money making strategy is going to require work, and usually lots of it.

  46. Sheri Sumers says

    Guess What “Web Fortune Masters” under two names…one I cancelled called “Profits From Home” refund came back as ES-Vanilla Taxi, LLC. Web Fortune Masters, when I called to cancel, they said they refunded me already…HAHAHA! I said NO, email was “Profit web system”. That will blow your mind. Their all in a greety groub of scammers!

  47. Sheri Sumers says

    OPPS! Done it again…SCAMMED…by Web Fortune Masters, after what has been said by you. Guess I’ll call and get my money back right away! Thanks for the heads up. When these offers come up, you’re afraid to leave and check them out, because of the BIG discounts their promising. I’m old, but I can learn to watch out better.

    • Nathaniell says

      I’m sorry to hear that. A lot of these program scam the elderly. I just got off the phone with another company that seems to specialize in this kind of scam. Needless to say, their review will be up in a few days.

    • Nathaniell says

      I don’t know their phone number, but let us know how getting your money back goes. Many of these places can make it tough, if not impossible to do!

  48. Ereh John Makoji says

    I really want to join and stand making money from home. I’ve always thought about making an extra money. Help me out Nath

    • Nathaniell says

      Making money online (how I do it) is going to require you learn how to build a website and promote products and services on it. It’s not that hard, but you need to start your training! My #1 rated product is linked in the review above, and there’s a link in the menu bar too. Alternatively, you can also get a broad overview of how I build websites/make money by joining my email course. There are also links in the review above. If anything is unclear, you can shoot me an email via my contact form (menu bar) and I’ll be happy to answer your questions via email!

  49. says

    Hey Nathaniell, I actually have fallen for a scam that was setup exactly like this. It wasn’t this one exactly it had a different name and I can’t think of it right now. When I checked them out a few months ago they were no where to be found. These types of scams are geo targeted towards the users location, and I remember watching the same video.

    • Nathaniell says

      There are several websites and they all use that same damn video! I too thought it was a real news thing until I dug deep into this review. I don’t expect this website to be around for long because as you said, there are previous domains that used to promote this product but have since gone offline.

  50. says

    Hi Nathaniell these scammers are getting cleverer by the day and will try anything to get us to part with our hard earned money.

    It’s thanks to people like you who share exactly what you can expect by joining these rogues, that many of us are now with Wealthy Affiliate and enjoying a spam free lifestyle.

    Thanks for sharing great post.

    • Nathaniell says

      I used to think that eventually I could find all the scams and the scammers would eventually get tired of being exposed, but the truth is that there are way more scams that scam-finders! There will always be a market for it – we, as buyers, just have to be smart about what we buy. At least with the power of the internet we now have the choice to do our own research and make educated buying decisions.

    • Nathaniell says

      Did you get signed up? There were a few links in the post and one in the menu bar. I hope you enjoy the course!

  51. Whitney says

    Hi, so I’ve been looking for months on online jobs. I’ve had my fair share of online scams. Any suggestions as to how to find a REAL online job? Please help me!

    • Nathaniell says

      As far as JOBs go, I suggest Elance, Freelancer, or oDesk for various types of freelancing work and article writing jobs. These are pay-by-job freelancing work.

      If you are interested in starting a website making money from that website/blog, you can see my #1 rated product in the top menu bar or join my free 5 day email course to learn how I make make money from my websites.

      You can also follow up with any questions in the comment section here.

  52. Jamie says

    I feel like a moron – I just paid ($45) to signup with Web Fortune Master a few days ago and now just read this…now what?!

    I desperately want to work from home but am having a difficult time obviously finding the right opportunity :-/

    I am going to look through your website a little more, but do you have any insight you could give? Much appreciated!

    • Nathaniell says

      Don’t feel bad Jamie – their site is designed to push your emotional buttons, and thousands of people buy into stuff like that every day. Heck, I even bought 1 or 2 similar products when I got started.

      The way I see it, you have a few choices. You can try to get a refund for the product. That’s always an option. You can also keep the product, and try to make due. As I mentioned in the review, the videos weren’t bad, but I definitely would not call it a ‘formula for success’.

      The other option is to really explore WA. I see you’ve already signed up. Take advantage of all the training they have there and the live chat support for 7 days to answer any questions you have. This is the place where I learned to build my businesses, and it’s where I recommend newbies learn. I am affiliated with them, so you may consider that biased, but I am also an active member and help tons of people on the website every day, with no payment. You also have my email address (via contact form on here) that you can use to contact me with any questions you have.

      At the very least, I suggest you build your free websites and go through the Level 1 training to test the waters and see if you will enjoy being part of the community, and if you find the information valuable for what you want to do.

  53. Heather says

    Great information, so are you hiring people for your website so that we can work from home? I am looking for a work from home job.

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey Heather – I got your comments today. I’ve sent you an email with some details, or see the other comments you left for some more suggestions of how to get started.

  54. Felipe says


    Thanks for the info above.
    I have several questions:
    Have you published yourself a manual-like assay or a summarized version on “how to build an online business” type of information? If yes, please send me the link. If not…

    …I guess you have checked that the adds on the right side of your webpage are not scams, right?
    Do you (or, can you) recommend any of them over the others as a guide to build a part time home/business (without the need of creating a blog)?
    Finally, you mention that it may take 6 months or longer to see any real profits; how long have you being in this business and what is your monthly income (average and/or range)?


    • Nathaniell says

      Hi Felipe!

      Actually, there are no ads on my sidebar – they are all posts on my blog. Ok, well, one is kind of an advertisement, kind of not. The big one that says “Stop Please” is a link to my #1 rated product here. The rest are just stuff around my website, ie blog posts I think you should read.

      I have not published an ebook, but I do have a 5 day email course which you can find in the top menu under “Free Marketing Course” with the red arrow. You can also access the course by entering your email address into the side bar area at the top.

      I have been doing this for 3 years, and it took me about 1.5 years to start making good money (what I consider good money) online. I quit my job after 2 years, so have been full time at this for exactly 1 year now. If you are interested in learning with the same course I learned to build my business, I highly recommend you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. I’m still a member, and can provide you with 1-on-1 support if you sign up through my link.

  55. Chip Paulson says

    I was always curious about this one. Luckily, by the time I came across it, I had already seen my fair share of scams and knew what I saw. Sounds like the standard formula of a MMO “product”; shoddy value with more work being put into advertising for mass sales.

    • Nathaniell says

      If you’ve been reviewing products or around the internet marketing industry for some time, I’m sure you’ve seen this video. Links to sites with this video are often featured on ‘pop media’ sites under headings like “More from around the web”. They obviously pay a lot of money for advertising.

    • Georgia Watson says

      Well embarrassed to say they got me good. They rushed me right into having a federal ein and i’m a LLC. I have a business, no brand, and severely in the hole. Do you think I could get my money back somehow? Who, what, where should I go. They will even set you up with an accountant, another $150 a month……Need to talk to someone that can help me. What they are doing should be a crime.

    • Nathaniell says

      I would make a dispute with your credit card company if you have already attempted to get your money back from them. Unfortunately, I have no connections to banks, lawyers, or this company, so can only give advice on what I would do. Sorry to hear that they have really pulled one over on you. It seems that this is a common thing with them.

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