Clicksure Cash Review: You Lost Me Early On

clicksure cash review

Product Name: Clicksure Cash Product Owner: Ronnie Nguyen Advertised Price: $99 or $49 Rating: Scam!   What Is It? This is a very poorly produced and overly hyped mystery business in a box. Short Review I did not buy Clicksure Cash because it was so obviously a scam. Not only that, but there are a […]

Universal Media Consultants LLC Phone Call Scam

uvm llc scam

Just a short post for today about the company known as Universal Media Consultants LLC. I got an email from someone saying that they had been contacted by phone by this company, and though I haven’t personally been contacted by them, what they were offering was very similar to other places I’ve done full reviews of.

Income Black Box Review: You Can Skip This One

income black box review

There are so many issues with Income Black Box, it’s hard to know where to start. The marketing done for the product is extremely deceptive and the owner has a history of producing stuff like this. Inside the members are you do get 9 videos of training, but they are only about 5 minutes long each. There is so much information left out that it will be virtually impossible for a newbie to succeed with this course.

Done For You Profit System Is Really MTTB and MOBE

done for you profit system review

I don’t know where Matt Lloyd’s work starts and ends, but I do know that this is an extremely deceptive way to market a program. There are numerous complaints about the high ticket items sold within the members area, especially when some of the steps are presented as “free”. Even if you accept the $49 charge for a ‘free’ program, you’re in for an unhappy surprise when the first ‘one time offer’ is going to cost you $2000.

Do Opinion Surveys Pay Well?

Opinion Surveys

Even if you find a decent survey site, earning money through opinion surveys and other gimmicks is a slow process. It’s also a very ineffective approach. Earning money in this way makes you completely reliant on the company and if they change their terms and conditions at all, you might suddenly find it impossible to earn money.

The Binary Redemption Review: Nope.

binary redemption review

In case you don’t know, there are hundreds of other product that claim to do the same thing that The Binary Redemption does. You can browse a list of my reviews here. The only reason I keep reviewing these is because people keep falling for them.