Can Home Business Ninja Hold Its Own?

home business ninja review

There are only three videos, and it’s methods we’ve seen before in many other products. Emka also recommends some shady marketing methods, so this product is not one to buy!

The Utter Failure That is Rapid Content Wizard

rapid content wizard review

The first red flag is that the content is pulled from other sources. The second red flag is that it’s spun content. The third red flag is that he gives siloing way too much credit. This is not a product that’s worth your time and money.

No Website Millionaire Is Just No Good

no website millionaire scam artists

Fake reviews, fake product owner, and fake income screenshots. I didn’t buy this product, but I can predict how they want you to make money without a website. Regardless of what they actually sell, all evidence points to DO NOT BUY.

Should I Partner With Paul, Tom, or Anthony?

scam alert

Based on everything above, I would never buy a product called “Partner with [Common Male Name]“. These products are designed to sound friendly and accessible by common people. It’s like calling your store “Bob’s Auto Shop”, or “Jenny’s Cafe”. It sounds like they are the real owner, and you will get some personal, small-town treatment.

Unfortunately, with the anonymity of the internet, this is not what you get.

Is CB Passive Income Really That Passive?

cb passive income review

This type of program has been done time and time again. The problem is always the same. There’s no content on your website, so you cannot get traffic via search engines or Adsense (paid advertising). This basically means you will be spamming your website all over YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Affiliate Masters LLC Amazon Phone Call Scam

affiliate masters llc scam

I received a phone call today from a company that calls themselves Affiliate Masters LLC. They attempted to sell me an website and other promotional material, but what they didn’t know is that I actually run my own online business and have dealt with similar scams before. Here’s the dirt on what they are doing, and why you shouldn’t give these guys a dime.

Why Miley’s Money Method Makes Me Mad

mileys money method review

Nothing new here, just a new face, and a marketer trying to capitalize on Miley Cyrus’s fame. If a product can’t tell you what it is, then it’s not worth buying. Do not believe the ridiculous claims.

Absolutely No Reason To Invest In Private Wealth App

private wealth app review

For high risk traders with experience in the options market, binary options could be way to make some money quickly. But for the average Joe that thinks this is a way to get rich in a hurry, you are in for a rude awakening.