My Take On Interlink Express and OctaMarketing

interlink express octa marketing

The product is supposed to create an perfectly “interlinked” website on autopilot, zero work, increase rankings, bla bla bla. We’ve heard all that before. But the real fun starts after I open my “free gift”.

Does Consumer Reviews Actually Offer Any Product Reviews?

consumer reviews intenret marketing

Consumer Reviews is one review site that you should view with suspicion. Not only does the site barely have any content, but the three reviews it does host really aren’t reviews at all, just sales pitches to the products and affiliate links. This makes Consumer Reviews nothing more than a site attempting to mislead its readers and not one you should trust for product information.

Binary Informer Is Just Talking Nonsense

binary informer review

If this is your firs time to the pony show, you might be surprised that Sean Walker is not a real person, but a made up name played by a voice actor. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Sean Walker is real or that there’s a software that can reduce the amount of risk in trading binary options.

My Prediction for 12 Minute Payday

12 minute payday review

I was cleaning out my spam inbox today looking for stuff to review, and 12 Minute Payday came up. It seemed like something a little different than what I usually review, so I decided to take the time to watch a few minutes of the introduction video.

My Mobile Money Pages Is One Product To Skip Entirely

My Mobile Money Pages

My Mobile Money Pages is just another over-hyped and under-preforming product that promotes itself as being an amazing money making solution. In reality, all My Mobile Money Pages is promoting is poor quality pre-made websites that happen to have a degree of mobile optimization. Not only does the product contain little training, but there are also few ways to get traffic to the sites, and the sites themselves are not even worth the bother.

Auto Income Generator Review: Judging A Book By It’s Cover

auto income generator review

I didn’t buy this product because the sales video was too disgusting. Know that what was being said in the video was completely false. There is no such thing as push-button software that will make you rich. If a company is going to market itself that way with then they do not deserve your money.

The Secret Dot Co Uses Quantum Physics To Scam You

the secret review binary options

We’ve seen 1,000,001 “ultra secret” binary options apps this year, and this one is no different. Trading binary options is a real thing that people do, but there is no software to tell you how to make guaranteed trades, and you have to invest a lot of money to learn how to actually profit.

Will Chronic Profits Blow Your Mind Or Wallet?

chronic profits review

We have seen this method numerous times before in other products like A & B. There is nothing special about the websites that are created, and to get traffic to this site, you have to pay more money. Most likely you will end up selling low-quality products creating disappointed customers.

eMobile Code Isn’t That Special Or That Good

eMobile Code

There is nothing revolutionary about eMobile Code, and the ‘system’ appears to be little more than a heavily promoted form of affiliate marketing where you get the website already made for you. But, with barely any training and little unique about the websites, I doubt many people will make money through eMobile Code at all.