iPAS 3D Wealth Discovery Review: Ugh. These Fools Again.

iPAS 3D Wealth DiscoveryProduct Name:
iPAS 3D Wealth Discovery
Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems
Product Owner: Chris Jones, Chris Campbell
Advertised Price: Free
Rating: 15/100


What Is It?

iPAS is an exclusive group that trains you how to sell subscriptions to Empower Network. I have a very, very low opinion of Empower Network, and highly recommend you stay away from this company. However, the video presentation of iPAS was pretty honest, so I can’t say too much negative about it.

Short Review:

Read my review of Empower Network to get the full picture why I recommend you do not get involved in this MLM pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, Chris Jones is misleads you to think that you make 100% commissions, which is definitely NOT true. Regardless of what type of training and support is offered in iPAS or the Prosperity Team, this is not something you want to purchase.

Notice: I have not joined the team, so there may be other things offered “inside” that I don’t mention in this review. Regardless, I cannot recommend it for reasons I feel are made clear in this review.

Learn Business, Not Schemes. Click Here To See The Review

Before You Buy:

It sounds awesome……..

A new marketing strategy! He’s breaking all the rules! He’s got 3 super secret formulas that are going to change your life forever!

100% commissions!

Thousands of dollars per week!

They do the selling for you!

You don’t need a website, skills, or experience!

Sound to good to be true? Yeah, it is.

What I liked:

There are some things to like about the presentation Chris Jones gives for iPAS. The idea behind whatever it is that they offer is that with community, support, and mentorship, you will success in whatever you do.

This is totally true. In fact, I have no doubt that you can make money by doing this. But I can also make money collecting cardboard from my neighbors trash can. Just because you can make money doing something or “it works” doesn’t mean it’s ethical or a solid business plan.

He also talks about “momentum”, which I have found to be true. Any path to success starts very slowly, but as you collect small successes, they quickly snowball into bigger and bigger successes. This is especially true when you sell recurring subscriptions. A few sales a week quickly add up to decent-sized payouts.

He is also very honest about his affiliation with Empower Network, and the benefits of joining with him as your mentor. This is in stark contrast to groups like the Prosperity Team which do not tell you what you are buying before you actually buy.

What I didn’t Like:

Let’s get this 100% commission thing out of the way because it’s the dumbest, most deceptive marketing ploy out there today. Do you really think that any company can survive by paying you 100% of what you earn? Does that even make sense? There’s definitely a catch.

You get 100% of SOME commissions. You “Pass Up” your 2nd, 4th, and 6th commission. This means that you do NOT get those sales. so if you make 6 sales of $25, you get sales 1, 3, and 5. You give away the others to your sponsor. So you are making 50% of what you sell, not 100%.

After 6 sales, you continue to give away every 5th commission, so 11, 16, 21, and so on. This increases what you make, but the my point still stands.

And it gets worse.

It’s not just those sales. It’s all of the sales that those people produce.

On your pass-ups, their pass-ups will go to the sponsor too! So if you are following me, let’s say you refer Bob as you #1 sale. You get $25. If Bob makes 2 sales, you get his 2nd sale. You get $25 even though Bob makes a sale.

But if Jane is your #2 sale, and Jane then makes 6 sales. You get nothing. Your sponsor gets Jane’s #2, #4, and #6 sale. You get nothing.

I have no idea what percentage this works out to, but again. YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING 100% COMMISSIONS.

Also, it’s ridiculous that he accuses companies of being greedy for not paying 100% What planet is he on where it’s a company’s job to pay their sales people 100% of the profits they make? LOL. And while I’m on the topic of ridiculous statements, I was very unimpressed with his rhetoric about the economy and how many people have lost their jobs. He is just trying to pull your heart strings. It’s a marketing trick.

I also disagree with his comparison of EN to Apple, MLM people constantly try to legitimize their “systems” as legitimate businesses. People want to buy iPhones and iPads because they are useful. People want to buy EN blogs because they want to sell EN blogs. Empower Network’s products are not useful for people that want to build their own website and create an online business. They are only useful for people that want to sell more EN subscriptions.

Just a few more points I want to note that I disliked about iPAS or 3D Wealth Discovery or whatever it’s called.

  • Empower Network is not ranked 281st website in the world. These numbers are recorded by a flawed ranking system called Alexa.
  • I suspect his “traffic sources” are traffic exchanges or blog networks. These can seriously damage your website, are known for low quality clicks (no sales), and I recommend you stay away from them.
  • Though I though Chris Jones’ video was very honest, EN engages in high pressure sales tactics and deceptive marketing methods
  • The testimonials you are viewing are not for iPAS. They are for EN. Notice how they never say a product name? They only say “this system”. And are you sure that these people are being honest?

Final Review

Thumbs Down

Remember that your payments will not stop with the $25 fee. To purchase all of the products available and get credit for all sales that your downline makes, you will spend over $5000. Why would you spend $5k to sell something as sketchy as Empower Network? Even if you like MLM, at least choose something with some decent products.

What Now?

You can create a website about something you care about. Sports, crafts, hobbies, tech, cooking, health, and anything you can think of. You can make money from this website by promoting products from Amazon or other companies online. This is what I do to make money, and you can learn how to do it in my free email course.

You can also take a look at my review of the online business training center where I learned how to build my first profitable website. I offer 1-on-1 support for newbies, and there’s a whole community of people there that want to see your business succeed!


What's up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoy this post. My name is Nathaniell and I'm the owner of One More Cup of Coffee. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!


  1. Raymond Clifton says

    I must be dense. I cannot seem to find what the commission is for referring people to wealthy affiliate. Might you share that with me or share a link to the answer – privately if you wish.

    thank you

    • Nathaniell says

      No problem Ray: It’s 50% commission for premium members, 25% commission for free members. Prices for WA are $19 for the first month, $47 for normal price/month, or $359/year if you choose to go yearly. I don’t know if your comment is a random one on a random post, or if this has something to do with iPAS here.

  2. Kevin says

    Hahahaha. A sucker every minute. Nice review. I found this stuff randomly on a youtube review and the reviewer kept mentioning their site but when I went there it just became a weird spiraling web where content came later…. Then I discovered what it was driving toward.
    Interesting site you have and I’ll take a gander. The thing about these networks is this: like so many “opportunities” out there, they are promising something from (mostly) nothing. The fact is that even for those that it does work, it’s IMO, without any social merit whatsoever. Those that make money from money are they same… Nothing genuine is produced or consumed… There’s no positive net gain in the true sense of the word.
    You cannot create something from nothing. What a hollow, ugly “system” this is.
    A leech is a leech, and this a network of leeches feeding off one another in search of more leeches.

  3. Neil @ CoffeeMoney says


    As a review of iPas and EN this is a pretty accurate and well thought out article.

    Where you lost me is in your expressed opinion of the MLM industry.

    As someone who teaches online business owners how to find a niche, build a website, create offers and partner up with the right affiliate programs (to fit the niche) – I have got to say you’re missing a great opportunity to add in a valuable (leveraged) income stream.

    While NOT every niche has a good fit with MLM – some do. Weight loss, health and wellness, skin care/anti aging for example. These niches all have high quality products at a reasonable price that a distributor can sell on behalf of their chosen MLM company.

    There are plenty of good companies with high quality products in the MLM industry, just as there are outside of it – so to say that all MLM products are crappy (or a scam/pyramid scheme) is pretty ignorant and makes the rest of your argument look a lot weaker than it should.

    Where you are 100% correct is when you say that MLM is not a business.

    MLM (multi level marketing) is a distribution model – used by companies such as AVON, Mary Kay, ACN, Advocare, Tupperware etc.

    For your readers benefit; http://www.forbes.com/sites/chicceo/2012/09/27/is-mlm-a-bad-word/

    As you can see, that’s a link to a Forbes.com article and it describes the MLM (distribution) model clearly.

    Overall, I agree with your position in relation to iPas and EN – and I believe you are honestly trying to do the right thing by your readers (even if you are promoting WA as an affiliate) – but I also believe you are doing yourself and your readers as injustice by jumping on the “I hate MLM” bandwagon. That’s an easy thing to do – but it’s also a misguided and somewhat short-sighted view to take.

    Open your eyes, do a little bit more research into the various companies operating within the MLM industry and you might just find one or two with ideal products to promote – alongide your other affiliate offers.

    – Neil

    • Nathaniell says

      I’ve got to stick to my guns here Neil, and say that even the most “legit” MLM companies are deceptive in how much money you can actually make selling this stuff. Sure, AVON and Mary Kay have been around a while, and yes, some people do make a bit of money selling the products. But as a main income source for the average person, I think it’s rare that any achieve success with this type of business model. Plus, most of the time the products are overpriced, and have some quite dubious claims.

      Why promote Mary Kay Makeup when you could choose ANY brand you want to promote through affiliate marketing, and you don’t have to pay for inventory? Who would buy Tupperware brand tupperware from a schmoe on the street when you could get online and compare similar brands and get the price/style that fits your needs more? For me, the model just doesn’t make sense.

      I kind of go off on companies like iPAS and EN because they are extremely deceptive and push the limits of what MLM is, but I to recognize that SOME companies are not as bad.

      Anyway, thanks for the comments!

  4. Candacec says

    Hi Nathaniell ,

    Thanks for taking time to review ipas… I always wondered what it was…didn’t know it was Empower Network…been there done that!!

    [Spam Removed]

    • Nathaniell says

      Thanks for the comment but are you seriously going to try to spam my blog with that junk? If this is how your company gets traffic, I find it hard to believe you are successful as your website claims.

  5. Sybele says

    Hi Nathaniell,
    I got to the ipas page when I was looking for ways of starting my own profitable blog and quickly realized that the system wouldn’t have me doing what I wanted but selling using an mlm model, pretty obvious. So I wanted to find out if it was a scam which then led me to your page.
    What I’m looking for are ideas of how to turn a subject in which I’m knowledgeable about into a profitable online business by blogging about it. If that’s what your course teaches then I’m definitely interested.
    Thanks for confirming my suspicion regarding ipas.

  6. Anna says

    I found a link in warrier forum by someone advertising this saying ” find out how
    I make $53, 082.26 per month” I click on the link and it takes me to the ipas2.0 sales page with the 5min+ video and wants my email and then I have to watch another video for over29min. The ipas2.0 system is very, very, very, sketchy ( i mean how can it help me make money if it does not even tell me what i will be doing to earn that money?, Please? Can’t the empower network spammers and scammers please just dissappear off the earth?) and obviously an offcast from empower network from which I did not know, This is all very misleading as it is not even called empower network or such, so people that may have been in empower network before find this system and are thinking of joining and then are told to promote it as it finds customers for empower network, which is what the sales page and the sales page video does not tell you or even explain to you. Folks be forewarned!! empower network is the biggest scam around, who really cares about the famous internet marketers promoting this rehashed garbage and earning all that $$, I was in Empower Network and got scammed, conned, ripped off and to this day they owe me money, This ipas2.0 is a disquise for empower network paramid scheme, do not fall for it, They are marketing it like mad all over the internet just like they did empower network, I cannot stand people who lie just to get sign ups and then say oh look it is working because look at all my signups, sick cult is what they are, -stay away, You will lose big money, once they have access to your bank account, They fail to train properly and fail to follow up with new signups, all these guys do is market, market, market, forget about answering emails, forget about answering the phone and they tell big horse-s$%t lies, Money doesn’t bother me and I was not born into it and it does not sleep in my bed like it does with them, sure do hope the FTC can find out once again empower network is disguising their sick stupid software again, It should be against the law here in America, Ipas2.0 is from obviously what i caught in a video created by empower network, HA! They call themselves bada$$e$ right from the beginning after their servers crashed in fall of 2011 and would only refund their friends and to He## with everyone else account, I still cannot believe these guys are in business, of course people don’t spend thousands to sue over hundreds? They need to be sued for misrepresentation of a online product.

  7. Lisa says


    • Nathaniell says

      Haha! …says the person who was conned into buying a .ws domain extension and whose website is a tacky squeeze page…

    • Anna says

      HI Lisa,
      How can a honest review sucks???? Inquiring Minds want to know?? It is totally true what has been thoroughly researched and presented in this updated article, The truth is getting and coming out about all the hogwash scammers and spammers online from a cult group called empower network!!

  8. Cheryl says

    I have been in business for over 25 years and I can tell you without a doubt that the worst thing you can do for your business is to bad mouth someone else’s business or product at the disguise of helping someone else! When in actuality you are just trying to sell your own business!

    It absolutely infuriates me to see some of you guys out here pointing fingers about a business or a product that you profess to know about, when it is quite apparent to those who really know that you have not done your homework and you really don’t know what your talking about! And you do this to sell you own business.

    I can also tell you that I have purchased every product the EN has and the education from those products have saved me thousand of dollars in marketing my brick and mortar business…

    I used to pay Google Adwords upwards of $1,000 a month to market my business… I now pay them $0 … that’s right ZERO DOLLARS and my phone rings off the hook. All from the knowledge I learned from the Empower Network products. It you call that crappy… you are very misguided!

    Maybe you don’t understand exactly what direct sales is all about:
    1. I market and sell a national brand product … if I gave you the name you would recognize it instantly.
    2. That product is sold to a wholesale supplier at a really cheap price who in turn marks it up and sells it to a distributor.
    3. That distributor again marks up the product and resells it to a contractor like me.
    4. I in turn mark it up and resell it to my customer.
    5. Through this process, that product has been marked up a great deal & every one profits.

    The key here is… it makes no difference what is passed up to who… everyone has to profit or no one stays in business. It is only about how the business is structured.

    You make profit on your Wealthy Affiliate business or you don’t stay in business… it is just structured differently than other businesses out there. That does not make them wrong… be it MLM or a direct sales company like Empower Network

    You can pick any product or company to death… you can make false accusations about anyone or anything… does not make you right. I bet if I went to work I could find just as many bad reviews of your product “Wealthy Affiliate” …

    You guys need to clean up your act and market on the best side or your product or business and what it can actually do to help people instead of misleading people with inaccurate information about something you know absolutely nothing about!

    • Nathaniell says

      For the price you pay, EN is not worth the money. Other businesses offer more, for a cheaper price. Lack of value is one of the main issue with this company in my eyes.

      Also, WA is not MY business. I’m an affiliate, and I have other businesses. I have a very strong opinion about EN and people deceptively promoting it like iPAS. This is my website, and I can voice my opinion in any way I like. Who are you to set limits on who can say what?

      EN is not a direct sales company. It’s a pyramid style MLM. Also, I recommend you read up on how the company is slowly dying and top promoters are jumping ship. If a company can’t stick around for more than 2 years without going belly up, maybe you shouldn’t be giving them your money.

      Besides, why are you so butthurt about all this? This is specifically an MLM phenomenon where people feel personally attacked when others negatively review their overlords. You don’t see Apple users jumping on the internet crying each time a PC user says something negative about iPhone, do you? Because they don’t care. They have a product they like, end of story. Not the same with MLM. People take it personally and start attacking me telling me how and what I can or can’t do with my own website business.


    • Anna says

      Your lengthy comment confuses me, You say You have been in business for 25 years, I just don’t understand Your jargon?? All that is presented here in this article is a honest forthright indepth review of ipas2.0, Please understand, it was not the authors intent to put a business down in any such way, I do Find it exhilarating that true hardcore online workers and honest people are now taking the internet by storm exposing all the scammers and spammers like empower network, I mean really who wants to pay money to blog when it is free, only newbies don’t know that tho. Getting the word out about the fraudsters before the next innocent victim succombs to their lies of deceit and dishonesy online is taking the internet by storm. The Internet should be a refuge not a place where good honest hard working people are being taken for every last penny They earn

  9. Thomas Wonsetler says

    Hi Nathaniell. I admire and respect your commitment to honesty and ethics ! Thx for referring me to this article. There coming out with a new version called IPAS 2 soon or just did. They also claim 100% commissisions for the new one with apparently the same way of doing that ie. every 5th one to them and so on. Well 80% commisions is excellent but they should say that up front instead of later on after telling people its 100%. Its misleading obviously. I dont know what their products are, but from what u say it sounds like there crappy products. Anyway, to cost over $5000 if only less than 1% make over $500 per month sounds very expensive, especially since its MLM and theyll keep making money off people below them, I dont know how many levels below. Do u know how many levels below each person that money is made from ? Thx

    • Nathaniell says

      Most of these guys count on hype to get people into the system, and once you sink thousands into it, they are pretty much done with you. I’m speculating on the 2nd part because I’m sure it depends on who your “upline” is, but lack of support is a common experience with MLM like this, especially associated with EN. I don’t know how many levels down it goes.

  10. Imre says

    I was looking for a honest review.
    I did expect that you will write this article to advertise some kind of a business of yours, and that’s absolutely legitimate to do.
    I also write articles like this, and I understand that you first describe another system to make a comparison with your business.
    What I don’t understand is how can you be ending up with downplaying the whole MLM industry.

    That makes your whole article untrustworthy.

    A pyramid scheme is an illegal unethical system to scam people.
    An MLM is a legal business, and actually in most cases the best solution to deliver a high quality product for a fair or even low price.
    You can’t play the moral boss when you utter these words in this order:
    “in this MLM pyramid scheme”.
    What? Is it an MLM or a pyramid scheme?
    Is it legal or illegal?
    It can be only one of the two.
    You contradict yourself in the same sentence.

    Bare in mind that I’m not advocating iPas or Empower Network here. I was looking for a review about iPas, because I don’t know much about this particular business.
    But I know that iPas does exist since some time and if it wasn’t shut down it’s very likely an MLM, not a pyramid.

    Basically, you exaggerate shamelessly enough to be called a liar.

    You don’t like 80% commission?
    Are you serious?
    Amway gives 23% to beginners and they have 3 million independent business owners and had over $12 BILLION sold per year lately.

    Then what is wrong with 80% for the beginners however the wording is?
    Are you out of your mind?

    Yes, he said 100%.
    One can not explain the whole system in the first sentence.
    He explained later how is 20% of the profit passed up.
    You start with 80%.
    That’s crazy. Who gives you that much?

    • Nathaniell says

      It’s about morals. What they are doing here is far from what I consider a “legit” MLM. I don’t like MLM, but some I can stomach. How can you defend guys that are STILL trying to get people into EN, which is a company that’s dying a slow death? MLM is legal, but it’s still pyramid scheme IN MY EYES. The only reason it’s legal is because of a “loophole” that allows them to sell crap products under the guise of a direct selling company, when in fact, the real appeal of joining MLM is recruiting. Sorry my logic confuses you.

    • Darrin says

      This is my opinion. IPAS is like any other home base business or MLM. They all cost something to get started. I have been in several MLM and the only one that I’ve been in that I’ve seen a profit faster was with IPAS.

      Sure they do offer a lots of up-sale, but you don’t take them until you’re ready.Once you start to getting paid a commission you can upgrade and like any business you must reinvest some of your profits back into the business if you want it to grow. The only upgrade that make since at the beginning is to the Pro membership. After that upgrade only when you ready.

      However the one thing that I hate the most is when follow MLM’er down other MLM. This is a business where everyone else think is a scam and people that bad mouth other legit MLM make it worst for every MLM. If you don’t agree with how a company pay then don’t join. When making a caparison to your company just state that comparison. Don’t say that it’s a scam or down them just to get people to join your company.

      IPAS does work. However any opportunity is only as good as the person working it. If you but you all to it and treat it as if you would a regular 9-5 you would succeed But if you do nothing or don’t give it you all you will fail.

    • Nathaniell says

      So what is the point of iPAS…to sell iPAS? Or has it changed since I wrote this review?

      As far as I’m concerned, if the point of joining a company is to promote it, then it’s a pyramid scheme. If they are selling some kind of other product then maybe I’ll change my review.

  11. arthur says

    im not in any of these programs now but i made a free account with WA last yr to test it. the training is top notch.

    but the people saying EN has no products are just dumb. u can read about the products on the website. i i also know 2 ppl in it. one showed me some of the training. its top notch as well.

    its really up to the individual. both WA and EN have pros and cons. just pick whats best for you and treat it as a business.

    • Nathaniell says

      There are plenty of reviews from people that KNOW what they are talking about and can confirm that the blogging platform EN uses is worthless, and the training is not only low-quality, but obviously geared at making you upgrade (buy more) and sell more EN subs.

  12. Jon says

    In my opinion it doesn’t matter what business you are building whether it’s Empower Network, Wealthy Affiliate or something else, if you are building your business the right way it will involve list building, so really whatever product you promote doesn’t matter as long as it provides value to the end customer.

    The way you build the business should be the same, you have a sales funnel with a product at the end of it that gets promoted to your leads (subscribers… whatever you want to call them).- I think the model Empower teaches is very good. You build your list and use your blog as a tool to connect with that list and build a relationship. This increases trust in subscribers and they are more likely to buy from you.

    What’s your business model? I hope you include list building as your number 1 priority because it it’s not then you are doing something wrong.

    Good luck.

    • Nathaniell says

      I disagree that MLM is a business. It’s a money-making scheme IMO. A real business has products, and MLM is CLEARLY all about selling the “opportunity”, not the products.

      And list building is not the only way to make money. In fact, as far as I’ve seen, most people that tout “list building” as the best thing since sliced bread are the ones that spam my email inbox with thousands of one time offers, great deals, game changers, and never-seen-before BS. You can’t build an effective list if you don’t deliver value, and you can’t deliver value as a newbie if you don’t know what you are doing.

      List building is a a profitable way to build a business, but it’s not for everyone.

  13. DJ says

    So basically you wrote a blog- article to tear down IPAS & EN and their “system” only to turn around and promote-sell- market your own system??? LOL

    What makes you any different from them? Because from where I am standing you appear to be nothing more than:

    A snake oil salesman who is calling out and ratting out other snake oil salesmen

    C’mon “Nate” it clearly looks like you are either trying to eliminate your competition….or perhaps there’s a bigger play in the works……I notice that you promote “wealthy affiliate” as if they are different from EN……I’m sure if I type in the Google search bar “Wealthy Affiliate” I’m sure there are just as many shitty reviews on them as there are on Empower Network LOL

    At the end of the day your “smear”…. I mean review site is to help increase your marketing share of “suckers” I mean “subscribers to your system 😉 Its funny….thousands of blog sites/reviews where you guys all talk sh*t on each other’s online MLM business models.

    And truth be told that’s what all of you guys are…. you are nothing more than the new MLM schemes of the 21st century! I’m older than you and I remember back then pre-internet Amway, ACN, Noni juice, even Avon …….. were doing the same thing…they just offered actual products, they weren’t online as of yet , and they never ever talked shit about other MLM companies.

    That was then, now we are in the age of internet and guys like yourself are shitting on Empower Network, while promoting Wealthy Affiliate, and Empower Network people are shitting on you while promoting their system. All in an effort to reel in this generations new “suckers-subscribers” to your money making schemes.

    What’s old saying…. “feed a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” well in the case of all of you online MLM guys…your model is “Teaching a guy how to fish, isn’t where it’s at…instead create a book on how to fish, and then teach the guy on how to sell the book to other fisherman LOL 😉

    And that’s what all of you guys are doing….you all are simply trying to sell your money making systems to people who want to sell your money making systems to people who want to make money.

    The new Ponzi scheme of the 21st century 😉

    • Nathaniell says

      I receive comments like this all the time so I’ll keep this short.

      1) Wealthy Affiliate is not MLM. It’s a training center. I hate MLMs.

      2) The information on my site is personal opinion. I think WA is is awesome, and I think iPAS is a scam. How do you think I should write the information so that it fits with your idea of what “honest” blogging is about?

      I spend every day teaching people how to make money from their websites, and I do it for free. Yes they pay their WA membership, and yes I make a commission, but the hours upon hours of help is for free. So you can say all you want about me, but I’m doing my best to help people succeed.

    • Graeme Apps says

      I just want to say that what DJ says makes a lot of sense and as I am also older and wiser I have seen a lot of MLM schemes in my lifetime and what he says is very true and very accurate! MLM is not about selling products as they claim but all about signing innocent people up to a marketing scheme that is really all about getting other innocent people to sign up and part with their hard earned cash. The products they sell are usually just a scam way to legitimise the MLM scheme. Doesn’t matter what the product is because thats not what it’s all about. It’s all about getting more and more people to ‘sign up’. It’s really all about selling people on the idea of making money by getting all their friends and relatives to join the scheme. I have seen it many many times in my last 50 years since I attended my first MLM meeting to join ‘Swipe’ back in the late 1960’s. I have seen so many MLM schemes over the last 50 years that I have lost count of them all. At the end of the day they are all about getting people to sign up to a MLM scheme that takes peoples money usually for nothing in return! I have watched hours of slick presentation by iPas2 online and signed up for the initial $7 entry fee to “See you on the inside’ only to discover about a week later that they have also taken another $47 out of my credit card for membership which I never authorised or approved! I rang them today and asked that they cancel my membership and give me a refund which they have said they will, but that it will take up to 35 days to process. In the meantime I have to cancel my credit card and be issued with a completely new card to make sure that they don’t keep taking money from my credit card without my approval. It’s not about any product its all about getting people to sign up for Membership and teaching you how to get other people to sign up like a continuous ‘Chain Letter’ extracting money from every new sucker that joins!

    • Nathaniell says

      HOLY SMOKES! 35 days to process a refund?! That’s insane! Than you for taking the time to share your experience with us. I think it shows the true colors of this company.

  14. Josh says

    Nathaniell, you’re so awesome bro. Thanks for a great review of this scam product. I wish I was as smart and handsome as you are. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  15. Austin says

    Wow really wish I would of looked this up sooner lol I went ahead and joined EN and paid for the ewallet so almost $50 down the drain and so far I see nothing good about this and now I am screwed on any kind of refund! Are there any products you recommend Nathan that are legit products?

    • Nathaniell says

      In the long term view, $50 isn’t much to learn that most of what you get with these types of products is HYPE. Get out while you can is my personal opinion. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to see why it’s the training I recommend. You can learn how to build a website about whatever you want, not just promoting “make money” products like EN. Let me know if you need anything else.

  16. Julianne says

    I have been trying for years to find a legit way to make money online. I have only experienced scams, and more scams. I work full time and would like to go to part time by replacing part of my income. How do I get started? I cannot financially afford to invest or pay for a membership. Would appreciate your input.

    • Nathaniell says

      There are many scams out there, and most of them will have you believe that if you invest in “their” system, that success is guaranteed. This is how they get into your wallet – with promises of easy, fast money.

      To be honest, if you cannot afford to risk any amount of money, then I think you should not be starting an online business. There are many cheap ways to start, but learning how to make money on the internet is going to take training and mentorship. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get started, but you need to be mentally prepared to risk some time and money. That’s part of being an entrepreneur.

      There are also many ways to learn this for free, but you need to have the focus and energy to find the information. Much of it is available on my website, for example a blog series I’m doing on How To Start a Niche Website. Even with that, you’ll have to pay for a domain (yearly fee) and hosting (monthly fee). That’s WITHOUT the training.

      So my suggestion is that if you have no money, wait until you are in a financial situation where the money invested in your business will not take away from your family, rent, or day-to-day expenses. Then you can focus on your business comfortably.

  17. Craig says

    Thanks so much Nathianiell I appreciate your feedback on empower and Ipas you have saved me from a scam I will sign up on your site to learn more now.

    Best Craig

  18. Jonny says

    If people insist on doing MLM, find ones that actually offer a product. At least they will not get shut down by the government. Zeek Rewards was one of many that got shut down. This and Empower will be shut down as well. Regarding this 100% commission thing. What they are trying to convey is that the money does not go to corporate. And that is part of the problem. They can do this because they are not selling anything via corporate body. The money is just being exchanged about by the distributors who join these crap. MLM is not the problem either. Find one that actually sells a unique patented product that the corporate body actually invested lots of money to invent, produce, and improve.

    • Cherie says

      Great point, not all MLM’s are scams! The way to tell them apart is whether they have good, actual and consumable products! Also make sure they have been around for a while, so you know you are investing in a company with longevity.

    • Nathaniell says

      Not all…but most.

  19. Frank says

    Thanks forinfo re empower network etc.It’s most helpful. Lookin forward to more from you and wishing you continued success.

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