Accelerated Web Solutions: Destined To Fail

accelerated web solutions reviewProduct Name: Accelerated Web Solutions
Advertised Price: $299, $399, $499
Rating: 10/100


What Is It?

Pay Accelerated Web Solutions to build a simple website for you and write some articles for your site. In theory, the site can make you money.

Short Review:

The amount they charge for the type of work that is done is shockingly overpriced. There are a few red flags in their presentation that makes me suspicious of the articles they provide you with, and I highly doubt they have sufficient back end training to teach you how to actually make money with this site.

Disclosure: I have not bought their product. But I have extensive experience in the online marketing industry and feel that I can make accurate assessment of what services they offer.

Before You Buy:

I was cold called by Accelerated Web Solutions a few weeks ago. It was after a long string of advertising phone calls, all hawking similar products. The common approach is to ask if you are interested in making some “extra money” from home, or if you are looking to “expand your business”.

They then check to see if you have a credit card, have an internet connection, and then we’re off to the races!

I didn’t have time to chat to their reps as I did with [insert link] and [insert link], so unfortunately I don’t have all the juicy details of their sales strategy. But I can see a lot of “Do Not Buy” written all over their website.

Mistakes, Red Flags, Problems

Mistake: Buyer Cannot Make Informed Buying Decision

Here, they have their packages listed in order of Basic, Premium, and Deluxe.

acc pricing

Here in their portfolio, you can see that they are listed as Basic, Deluxe, Premium.

acc portfolio

In typical fashion of these types of companies, this website is just a dummy site for quick presentation. All sales are conducted over the phone, where potential customers are put in high pressure situations, and forced to make buying decisions with as little information as possible.

Red Flag: Spun Content

In the image below they talk about “recycling” your articles

acc recycled content

This is a tactic known as “spinning” an article. They take one single article, and rewrite it several times using different phrasing, synonyms, and other tricks to make Google think that it’s original. This used to be a strategy to artificially boost rank in search engines and get your site to the #1 spot.

It no longer works. Not only that, it can damage your site’s reputation, causing it to not rank at all. What’s even worse is that these articles are usually barely readable, which means your visitors won’t know what the heck is going on. Then they leave, and do no but anything from your site.

Problem: Pricing Model

Let’s take a look at an image I created from their most expensive package. I have written in the actual value of each of the things they provide, if I were to do them myself, like buying a domain name, or contract someone to do them for me, like write an article.

acc price breakdown

You can see here that the actual value of what they offer is $79. And that’s being generous!

About The Training:

No doubt if they are reading this review, they will say, “We offer great support and training”. I have now reviewed almost 100 products on my website, and I have yet to see a product that performed so poorly on the front end that has even come close to providing any kind of valuable training in the back end.

Of course, we can’t confirm this because you have to pay before you look, and there’s no money back guarantee. In previous phone calls with other companies I’ve asked to take a look at the training for my review, but they always refuse. They have to protect their “trade secrets” lol.

Final Review

Thumbs Down

This is an overpriced product that does not give us enough information about what we are buying or how we make money from it. Their marketing techniques are outdated, and they certainly does not highlight the amount of work it’s going to require to build a successful internet based business. I started from zero, and you can take the same training I used to build my first profitable website.

Author: Nathaniell (637 Posts)

My name is Nathaniell and I'm the owner of One More Cup of Coffee. I started my first online business in 2010 and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start yours for FREE!


  1. Joanna says

    Thank you for the article it was very insightful. I just got a called from the same company you wrote about, and I am glad I was able to put him off. It sounded more like he wanted my credit info without showing their product reputation or company info. That just sent an alarm in my brain, that this could be another scam on making money fast. Your article put the pieces together to what I already knew to be a lie.

    • Nathaniell says

      Yeah, sometimes we need a bit of extra help to confirm what we already know to be true. I almost got caught by a craigslist scam today, and looked it up today. Yup. It was a scam!

  2. Jack Rhoads says

    I bought into the lies as well. I was trying to tie it into a business I already had and thought it would be a good extention to it. The articles they wrote sounded like they were written by someone who spoke English as a second language. They were horibble, I had to delete 2 out of the 5 and vastly change the other 3. This is a total scam, I don’t know how they sleep at night. Stay away!

    • Nathaniell says

      I’m sorry to hear that Jack, but at least you are not alone. These guys are scumbags, selling junk to people who don’t really understand what they are buying. But I’m sure these guys are sleeping well on their silk sheets!

  3. Anonymous says

    My name is [removed for privacy] and I recently invested in Web Soultions Accelerated. It cost $149 US dollars for membership, (which I did not understand that was what it was for) that is supposed to pay for any support that I might need.

    The Domain Name is [removed for privacy], I further invested (or as you said in your article, was pressured on the spot on the phone to update to $499 Us dollars package, with which they offered some so called freebies. They went in and set up the website, posted some articles, contacted me and tried to explain to me how the system worked.

    I could post articles of any kind, pictures, anything to draw attention to the site. I have FaceBook, Google, LinkdIn, Chitika, etc. that if people through social media go to my site and click on an ad and buy from that ad I was told I would receive .50 cents, pay per click, which turns out that it only pays from .5cents up to .50 cents. I have made no money from this investment, it was a very bad choice on part, especially having the support team that I need to help do whatever it is I am supposed to do.

    I came across your site this afternoon and was blown away upon reading the details, the company works just like you said and had I further investigated I would have found out more than I cared to know. The company is not registered with the BBB and their rating is an F on the BBB site.

    I filed a ticket with them today to see about selling the website, because of course I was told that if it became a popular site their company would sometimes even buy the copyrights to the site. Well needless to say it has not become popular nor do I think that it will, mainly because I don’t know enough about how to work it. It is useless to me as is.

    I am writing to you looking for advice since you seem to be learned in the website industry, I thought this was going to a part time money maker on the side but boy was I wrong. I don’t know if you can help me or not, I’m just trying to find a way to do something with the site or if I can just try to sell it back to them for I invested in it. Which I don’t think their going to do.

    I am unemployed and it really took a financial chuck from what little I did have saved up in my account. I even went as far to have file for Bankrupcy, which I told them about and boy could they really help me then. I have yet to even come close to building my account back up. Are there avenues that you can help me with or is it just a lost cause?

    If you don’t respond I will totally understand, it is one sticky mess up on my part, and it is not your problem. So if you can give me any advice I would greatly appreciate it, if not, then I do understand.

    Need to Know

    • Nathaniell says

      Sorry to hear about your situation. Guys like the ones Accelerated Web Solutions have not considered the affect they have on real people’s lives with their misleading advertising. It’s very unfortunate, and they are not the only one doing this. These are representatives who do not think about what their job really is, and of course the mastermind behind this scam company remains anonymous.

      Whether or not the website is still usable is up to you. It probably won’t sell for much. I’m not sure what you used to build it – WordPress? If you don’t know, don’t worry about it. Usually a website without a great domain name and isn’t earning any profit won’t be worth anything.

      It actually costs just $10 per year to register a domain so you might have to cut your losses on that one, and pick a new one. Some companies allow you to transfer, others don’t. Some wash their hands of you when you try to leave and do not tell you how to transfer it yourself.

      I always recommend people join the same training center where I learned to build my own websites and earn money from them. It’s a legit community of people, and can be real fun to talk about your website, get ideas from other people, and most importantly get HELP with the training when you need it.

      It does require a monthly fee however. I know it’s pretty lame to get scammed by someone, ask for help, and then get sold another product! But this is where I learned how to build my website, and it’s the community where I’m active and provide personal support every day. You are welcome to follow the links in this response or in the article for more details on what their about.

      You can also respond to this comment or email me with any further questions you have. Sorry to hear about your situation, and I wish you luck in the future.

  4. Winifred Green says

    My husband was coned into paying $95 to work from home deals. He gave up after two months of running around and phone tag. He was never given back is 30 day guarantee. On the 28th of December my husband at the age of 52 passed away in his sleep. He was not ill it just happened. Since then my phone has gone off the hook with these places asking for Ed I have blown them all off. But the truth is I do need to make some money from home. So What is real and what can I do with little experience?
    Thank you for your web page I’m glade I was informed.
    Mrs Green

    • Nathaniell says

      I can’t believe these guys – the stories I hear about how they operate their business just get worse and worse. If you are interested in learning how I created my own online business with little experience, I suggest you join my 5 Day Email Course to see if it’s something you’d like to do. You have to be willing to learn – it’s not going to be a breeze to learn it. But it’s possible. Many other products out there will make you think that it’s easy and you can do it with the click of a mouse. It’s not. Don’t believe that stuff. But with the right support and training, you can make it work. Also, you can get 1-on-1 support form me if you need it. You’ll get my email address after you sign up for the course.

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