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This is MEHi, my names Roderick, but on the internet, I usually go by my middle name, “Nathaniell”.

I’m an internet marketer, and One More Cup of Coffee is a website where I teach people how to start an online business and make money from home.

I wasn’t always an internet marketer; in fact, I’ve done quite a few different jobs over the years.

But internet marketing was the career path that ‘clicked’ for me, mostly because I could do it from the comfort of my own home and according to my own schedule.

But let’s start a bit further back; if you’re going to get to know me, you should know a bit about where I’m from and what I’ve done.

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I grew up in California, but left soon after graduating high school to travel in Europe. I was completely bored in the US and wanted to see the world. At the time, I had a friend living in Prague, so used her house as my “home base” between trips. When I needed money or had some down-time, I freelanced as an English teacher.

Eventually I landed a pretty sweet job as a kindergarten teacher, so I was officially getting paid to play duck-duck-goose and hide-and-seek for a few hours a day.

After a few years doing that, I broadened my horizons and set my sights on China. I wanted to learn Mandarin and start the next chapter in my travels: Asia.

So that’s just what I did.

Travel The World

China was wild. I made tons of friends, traveled all over the country, and became fluent in Mandarin.

But after being in China for a while, I began thinking about my future. It had been ten years since I left the US. I was having a blast traveling, but I was still changing jobs every couple of years, working in places without any job security, for wages that made saving any money very difficult.


I needed a plan.

Make Money OnlineI can’t really remember how the idea was born, but it occurred to me that I could make money on the internet.

If I could somehow make US dollars while living abroad, I could live like a king.

I could work anywhere in the world and have cash flowing in while I sleep (on US time).

It took me about six months, from about January to June (2010) of browsing around different sites, joining tons of mailing lists, watching hours of promotional videos, and following my share of purported “gurus” before I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

In fact, I don’t even remember which website referred me to WA, but the point is that I got there and started my training in June 2010.

By September of that same year I had made my first sale, and I was hooked.

I could actually make money online.

The rest of my internet marketing journey takes off here, which you’re welcome to read.

But I want to talk about myself some more!

So it’s 2013 now, I’ve returned to the US, and work full time as an internet marketer.

Give You a Money TreeI’ve got a couple sites, but what I really enjoy doing is building different types of websites, looking for new revenue streams, and experimenting with different types of marketing strategies.

One More Cup of Coffee is about helping YOU.

So many people have helped me along the way, I think it’s time to “pay if forward”, and give back to the community.

After being in this industry for about 4 years now, I’ve seen hundreds of scams, misleading offers, and hyped sales pages claiming that you can make a billion dollars in 5 days with this one “secret system”

It’s a load of BS.

At the same time, even lots of the honest guys have trouble explaining things in a simple way, or just don’t have the patience to walk you through the baby steps.

I do.

I’ve got a free starter course that you can join that is designed specifically for newbies looking to start making money online. I’ve taken out all the hype and scam tactics that gurus use, and explained the concepts of how I (yes, ME) make money on the internet.

You can join the free course below, PLUS, if you join, you’ll be automatically signed up for future updates that I send out to my subscribers. This includes free insight about how I build my websites, silly mistakes I’ve made, and suggestions for squeezing more profit from your own businesses.

I love my subscribers, and respond to all emails, which is another awesome thing about being an exclusive member of my site. Where else can you get 1-on-1 support building an online business?


If you have any questions or comments you can contact me here, leave a comment below, or just respond to the email that’s in your inbox waiting for you after you sign up for the course.

I’ve got a couple of social media accounts, you know, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but most of the time I’m on Google+

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Teach Me To SailIf you’re in the Central Valley, drop me a line. We can grab a beer (or coffee) and talk internet marketing or just life in general.

And on one last note, I’d really like to learn how to sail, so if you know how to sail, or know someone that does, I’d be happy to discuss some kind of teacher-exchange where we can learn from each other.

Here are some pages I suggest you read, to learn more about what I have to offer at One More Cup of Coffee, and how you can start your Internet Marketing Business.

→ What is One More Cup of Coffee?

What is Wealthy Affiliate?


  1. Jim says

    That’s all I needed to know. I have no problem putting the time or work into something that I believe will pay off in the long run. You will be hearing from me soon.

  2. Jim Erickson says


    I want to first thank you from saving me from at least 2 scams! I have been looking for opportunities to create a passive income and internet marketing looks to be one of the best ways to do that. I’m definitely a newbie x 2 and writing is NOT one of my skills or even an interest I have. The research that I have been doing looks as though you need to have great writing skills and being able to write creative and interesting blogs to be successful. WA would be able to teach me the technical side on how to set everything up and get traffic and anything else I would need to learn. The big question I have is not having a high level of writing skills a big drawback to this type of system?
    Thank you.

    • Nathaniell says

      You do not have to have great writing skills to start – but you need to be willing to practice, or pay for someone else to write. This is going to be true of most internet business models. To make money online, you are going to need to create content. Even if it’s something like a video, an article, or a squeeze page – YOU have to be or find the source of content. Copy/pasting your way to success just isn’t going to happen!

      Sorry if that sounds like a lecture :) I just want to make it clear that there has to be work done, somewhere along the way, and if you can’t (or don’t want to) do the work yourself, you need a budget to pay someone to do it for you. I did a lot of writing and creating when I got started because I didn’t have the money or knowledge HOW to pay someone and WHAT to pay for. Now I have some experience and a bit of a budget, so I can do less work, and delegate more responsibilities.

      Hope that makes sense!

  3. elle says

    hi nathaniell! i am a housewife and wants to earn an income working from home. i have considered doing an online job or business and came across your site. i have read through some of the comments and replies. i may know a few things about computer but honestly, i may fall under those who are “new” and “innocent” in online business and i want to spare myself from all the scams and frauds. do you think wealthy affiliate is for me? if so, how will it work for me? i need help please.

    • Nathaniell says

      If you are already at home, then working from home and making money is already going to be a pretty good option for you. You’ll have the time, and the means…then it’s just about finding the energy and motivation to learn what you need to know

      It’s absolutely an option for you. Even without computer skills, you can learn them along the way. Remember, I started out in China, and didn’t even have a Facebook account, or know anything about building websites when I got started.

  4. Martha says

    Hi Nathaniel, I follow you in Wealthy Affiliate. This website is very complete and newbie friendly.
    Based on your previous comments, what is PBN?
    Thank you,

  5. Jack says

    Ok fair enough thank you for responding.

    Yes what you teach is a lot better for people who are new to this and their is still serious amounts of money to be made from how you do things and their always be.

    Everyone has their own methods and ways which they prefer and works for them and clearly your way is working great for you and many other people who you help daily.

    I think it is also good how you are showing a lot of people the amount of crappy products which get produced which are made simply to make the owner some money and not helping out other people at all.


    • Nathaniell says

      Thanks man. I wish you luck with your site, and I appreciate the feedback!

  6. Jack says


    Fair enough you do not like PBN links and they are considered not good and most of them are crap but I have my own PBN for the past 3 years and without it I wouldn’t be able to rank for the competitive keywords which I do and make a lot of money from. None of my websites have ever been penalised because I simply know how to set up PBN’s and dont sell links to the public I use for my own websites.

    Your website is completely based on ranking for affiliate type keywords and product keywords which are all low-low/mid competition to your website then sending them to WA which is fair enough everyone has their own way. However if you tried to create a website for a finance lead generation (where the real marketers play) then simply creating content would never get you ranked and this is a business and should be treated like one.

    I’m not trying to prove anything and I like your website just there is a time and a place for buying backlinks simply saying they should never be used is wrong in my opinion

    Also you and christene marketing have clearly communicated to swap backlinks to help your posts rank, saying you have never spoke to her and she happened to link to your empower network scam post from hers is just because she also liked your version of saying it was a scam is a bit pathetic.


    • Nathaniell says

      I think you are assuming a lot. Yes, I know Christine, but no, I have never linked to her website. Find a link to her site from my site…you can’t because it doesn’t exist.

      Also, there are thousands of low competition phrases to rank for in any niche, even health/fitness, finance, and get back with your ex and all those popular ones. Finding low competition phrases is TOTALLY the basis of my business. You are only viewing the “MMO” site I have, but I have other sites as well that I do not share.

      Perhaps your PBN hasn’t been caught yet…or perhaps it’s ineffective and your site is just good enough to rank. Either way, 10 years down the road anyone that builds unnatural links to their website will have wasted time, or shot themselves in the food. It’s a short term strategy in my opinion. Yeah, you can gain rank and make money, but I’d rather do it the old fashioned way and be confident that I won’t get caught in any algorithm updates. Also, it means I have fewer costs, and less stuff to manage.

      If someone wants to eventually do a PBN…fine. Go for it. But it’s expensive and complicated to build your own, and extremely hard if not impossible for newbies to manage. that’s why I don’t teach it. I personally don’t DO it because I’ve seen how bad PBNs can destroy a business (my own)

  7. Jack says


    You say you do not participate in building links,
    yet you are clearly doing link swaps with christene-marketing.com to rank your empower network post.

    So you do participate in link building?


    • Nathaniell says

      I didn’t do a “swap”, as I haven’t linked to her blog. She linked to me. People link to my stuff because they like it.

      NO, I do not build ARTIFICIAL backlinks using PBNs or other false methods. Yes, I create content that people want to link to. Backlinks are not bad. Unnatural links, or building links to YOURSELF are bad.

  8. Rocky says

    Hi Nathaniell, I’m Rocky. I have been interested in online marketing for quite so time now. I have looked at different affiliate training systems such as GB’s GS, CB’s CBU as well as WA. Although different systems may offer useful information and may cover different topics, I am looking for a system which best suits someone who is a complete newbie to online marketing. I believe there is no one system which covers everything, but I would really like to start with the one which can lead me in the right direction and help me grow my business.

    I have a few questions that will help me determine which system I will be starting with. As someone who actively responds to questions and who’s very adept at internet marketing, I feel like you would be the right person to ask.

    1) When starting off as an affiliate marketer, it takes time before your first sale. From what I read, it takes months. Even then, your sales are still quite low. In most cases it takes years before you can earn a healthy income to the point where you can have the option to becoming a full time online marketer.

    I understand that success rarely comes overnight and that it takes time and diligence to grow any business. My question is why does it take so long to generate your first sale and then getting to the point of having a steady flow of income? If two people where selling the same product and followed the same techniques, what factors make the difference between someone who’s only been doing online marketing for a few months with someone who’s been at it for years? Why does it take forever to make your first sale while “veteran” affiliates seem to have more consistent sales?

    2) Affiliate marketing has been around for many years and there are thousands of internet marketers out there. I know that there is an endless amount of new products and services coming out, but isn’t the market too saturated? Aren’t there too internet marketers that new ones will find it really hard to get a piece of the pie? Maybe that’s why some are creating their own affiliate marketing training systems and many others are promoting existing ones because all the “lucrative” products already have tons of people marketing them. Am I too late to join the party?

    3) When I first researched about WA, I signed up for their free trial. Unfortunately, I was very busy at that time and so my free trial expired without having the chance to experience the perks of joining this system.

    Soon after, I was bombarded with regular emails from WA about joining. I understand that like any business, WA is geared towards expansion and making money. However, it makes me wonder if that’s all that WA is about. With so many of its members heavily promoting it and hardly any “negative” reviews, I’m getting the notion that WA is a marketing company that focuses on marketing itself. If I were to join, would marketing WA be the only viable way that I could make some form income from applying what is being taught under its system? Is WA just about getting people to subscribe to a premium membership? Why else would anyone want to help train or mentor a potential competitor?

    It’d be great to get feedback and insight from someone whose become very successful and is highly regarded in this industry.


    • Nathaniell says

      1. Your first statement is spot on. I couldn’t have said it better. The reason it takes so long to build up sales is because it takes time to get traffic. With a new website, getting organic traffic is going to take time to get rankings and start to outrank other people in your niche. On top of that, only a percentage of people visiting your website will click links, and only a percentage of those people will buy. It’s a numbers game, and in the beginning, it’s just hard to get that much traffic.

      The other thing working against newbies is content. Many people starting out just don’t know how to do proper research and write interesting articles, as well as write a convincing argument about why the reader should choose product A over product B. Not every page on your site has to be a sales pitch, but you do have to show people that the product you recommend is the right one…otherwise they are going to keep searching until someone else convinces them.

      The top things in my opinion, that separate quick-result-getters from slow-result-getters is the VOLUME of and QUALITY of content produced on a blog. I have many people start their training, then 3 months later ask me why they are not making sales. I visit their website, and all they have is 1 product review which is 400 words long. Guys that jump in and start posting a few times a week or every day to their website usually start making consistent sales between 3 and 6 months into their work.

      2. The market will never be saturated. You are correct that there are always new products coming on the market. Also, think of all the new people coming online. Also think about how many adults NOW do not do online shopping (my parents don’t), versus the next generation of kids that do ALL of their shopping online. Consider that buying things online is easy now…but it’s only going to get easier. There’s also a possibility that new forms of online marketing will be invented in the near future, and learning the basics now gets your foot in the door for learning new techniques down the road.

      Imaging shopping from your Apple Watch, Google Glass, or Amazon Echo? Twitter and Facebook advertising are still in their infancy. Making money online is not limited to creating a blog, but a blog is a super cheap, and newbie-friendly way to start your journey. It’s how I started mine, and now I’m branching off into other stuff.

      3. The main training inside WA does not require you to promote their service or do any reviews for the “make money online” niche. I personally think people build sites with reviews of MMO products because they think it will be faster or easier than promoting anything else. Yeah, there are a lot of “scam review sites’ out there. I can’t help that. But when people join as my referral I encourage them to do their own niche rather than start another scam review site.

      At the end of the day, there are an endless number of scams being started every day. I don’t really consider scam review sites my “competition” because there are too many scams for me to cover myself. I’ve done over 1,000 posts on this website, and still have a list of over 500 other products I haven’t reviewed, and my website has only been online for 2+ years.

      Either way, I also run websites in other niches, so if people join and make a scam review site that outranks me, my income is not dependent on promoting WA. Still, they have a great affiliate program and I plan to continue promoting them as my #1 recommendation for newbies to get started.

  9. shaun says

    First, I would like to thank you a lot for replying (and also approving) my comment.

    1) Check out Moz, CopyBlogger and QucikSprout. Look at what they have to say about SEO. No doubt, by building backlinks it violates Google’s guidelines. However, without proper backlinking strategy, how far can a niche site really standouts from the crowd?

    2) Also, building backlinks doesn’t mean you will be penalized by Google. For example, guest posting and forum commenting are extremely legit ways to acquire links. Some other advance technique such as searching for 4xx error page to replace them with your content in resource pages are great technique. In short, building links the white hat way is better than not building links at all. Without anchor text, how on earth can you really rank in Google for competitive keywords?

    3) As for PBNs, I find great success from it. Private Blog Network differs from Public Blog Network. If you are to create a Private Blog Network with around 5 sites (constantly adding content) with different hosting accounts and C Block IP Address, it is virtually impossible for Google to trace it. PBNs (especially acquiring domains with high Domain Authority) are extremely powerful in ranking a website. Most of my niche sites are ranking high thanks to PBNs. A powerful PBN will only be utilized to support ONE niche site, then you are extremely safe.

    4) It’s probably a joke to say that I am not using keyword research tools frequently. After reading your review, allow my to state my standpoint on the matter. There are a few components in keyword research that you have to pay attention to. They are traffic volume, competition and CPC, well maybe there are more metrics, but these are certainly the important ones. In terms of traffic volume and keyword generation, the best tool on Earth is the Google Keyword Planner. All metrics from other tool including Long Tail Pro and Jaaxy are taken from Google. By the way, that’s a free tool! In your review, you said that Jaaxy is even more accurate than Google when it comes to traffic estimation. Are you kidding me? How can that be possible? Just think logically, who owns the Search Engine, Google?

    In terms of competition, Jaaxy will show you a metric, called the QSR (Quoted Search Result) in which you deemed it to be special. And this is very wrong. Why?

    1) Google’s algorithm has been changing over the years. QSR only shows you the competition of your true competitor having the exact match keyword in the Title of the post. Do you really think Google will only present results that have exact match keyword in the Title? Most of the time, Google will present results even if the Title of the post doesn’t have exact match keyword. Also, some webmasters (or in fact, those that are familiar with SEO) will utilize anchor text back links to rank for a certain number of keywords. When Google are to rank the websites, anchor text back links are sometimes given more weight than the exact match keyword in the title itself. I have been in many niche whereby exact match results with no back links wont rank anywhere, unless the niche has virtually no competition. So, how important is QSR? You should be analyzing the strength of your competitors by looking at site age, PA, DA, PR, keyword density, Latent Semantic Keyword, etc.

    2) To me, QSR is a feature in Jaaxy which is virtually useless. According to Kyle, QSR shows you an approximate amount of competitors competing for the same keyword. In my opinion, do you really need to care how many competitors are competing? Our end goal is to reach the top of Google, or else you wouldn’t be making any money in any niche. Let me give you an example, Niche A has 1000 competitors which relates to high QSR. However, the top 10 results are weak (new sites, low DA,PA,PR, no exact keyword match in Title). Niche B has only 50 results, extremely low QSR. However, the top 10 results are strong, (authority websites such as Wikipedia, old sites, high PA,DA,PR,Moz Rank, high trust and citation flow). Which site do you think you can rank easier if your end goal is to reach the top of Google?

    So now, don’t you think QSR is useless? QSR is only showing you the total amount exact keyword match competitor in your niche. It’s not showing you how strong your top competitors are and can be misleading at times.

    Come on, do you really think Kyle will spend 30 minutes with each and every member just to review their sites? That probably won’t happen, even if it does, he will only be reviewing websites like yours. Why? Because your website indirectly helps him to monetize WA. If you are looking for help, there are tons of highly engaging forums such as Warrior Forums which is totally free. Come on, do you really need to pay $47 per month when you are only getting answers from members in WA, not the owner themselves. Think about it.

    • Nathaniell says

      1. Just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t mean it’s right. I don’t link build and make a full time income online. Jon from Fat Stacks also doesn’t link build and makes way more than me. It can be done. If it’s a violation of Google’s TOS, why on Earth would you build the foundation of your business that way? Links will come naturally as you create content.

      2. Never heard of an unnatural link penalty? All those methods you are talking about are cute little tricks that dont’ work all the time, and don’t last all the time. Why waste your time with these listening to “gurus” that spend their time thinking of tricks they can fit into an ebook rather than building your business by writing content?

      3. I destroyed my original websites using PBNs. Also, there was a huge PBN crackdown last year. It makes me mad that there are still people out there promoting PBNs as a legit way to link build and that they “won’t get caught” this time. They will always get caught.

      Other Responses

      1. QSR is an approximation of competition. Other factors come into play, but QSR is the main thing I follow. PR is no longer used. The fact you bring it up is just silly. DA is a Moz measure, and NOT anything to do with Google (officially).

      2. OK, fine. Don’t use Jaaxy. Doesn’t bother me.

      You seem to be hellbent on proving that you don’t like WA. Ok man, chill out. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. But I do see Kyle in WA almost every single day. Same as me. I am around every day and review TONS of member websites that I refer to WA. Actually, the fact that you don’t know this shows that you haven’t even been inside the community. Plus, being successful online isn’t just about having a pro review your website. There are many other pieces to the puzzle.

      There’s a lot you get for $47, including hosting, weekly webinars, and forum access. Many people would not be able to get their first website online without the help of these things. If you are more independent and want to do your own thing, that’s great! But lots of newbies need that extra help, and if you think that $1.50 per day is too expensive to get some 1-on-1 guidance, well, that’s up to you. I needed it when I got started, and lots of others need the extra help too.

    • Markus Varley says

      Wow! Thank you for helping us. I really appreciate this. I kiss you on the cheek 😀 and hug you with deep gratitude. Cheers, Markus 😀

    • shaunwong0311 says

      Links will come naturally doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build them. A super clean authority website will need at least 3 years so see good results. With the right link building strategy, you only need 6 to 12 months to see good results (3k-5k USD per month).

      Now, I am really curious what do you mean by ‘right’. It is only ‘right’ if you are seeing success from what you are doing. If there is a better, quicker way of getting things done, why do it the hard way? Working smart yield greater results.

      If you hear from other webmasters, when their site got hit by a penalty, it will never be unnatural link penalty, it will only be thin content website. Why this occur? Well, because Google can’t say for 100% that the links built to your site are unnatural links which is why they chose to penalize you using other terms.

      If you know how to build links the right way, don’t be too greedy, try to build high trust links (such as wiki links, edu and gov links), you will probably never get penalized because the trust factor is there. Brian Dean from Backlinko (an extremely authority person in terms of link building) explains this at http://backlinko.com/google-trustrank.

      Well, by destroying your PBNs means what? Do you own the PBN or it is a service by PBN builder? Frankly, my PBN wasn’t affected by Google’s Penguin Update the last time. Allow me to explain a little further in regards to PBN.

      1) You need to make sure that your PBN doesn’t leave any footprint by
      a) using different hosting accounts
      b) using different IP address especially the C Block.
      c) never use google analytics, unless you cloak your wifi IP address, but that’s too time consuming
      d) add fresh content to your PBN’s site (probably 1-2 articles per month)
      e) many more steps, just search them in Google + your own experience
      f) never use a PBN for more than one niche/authority site

      Overall, if you are smart enough to take the necessary precaution measures, you wouldn’t be caught. In addition, you won’t want to make it obvious by keep linking to your money site. Instead, you will be linking to trusted sites such as wikipedia, edu and gov sites, and other authority sites within the niche but not directly competing with your money site. This way, the outbound links are just too diverse and Google can never trace them even if they conduct manual (human) review.

      Side Note: By giving up a proven strategy just because you face small difficulties just isn’t the right way.

      Now, you just mention the key point here. What’s the point of having a tool that shows you ‘QSR’ when you have to manually review those keywords competitiveness using other tools/extensions. Honestly, it feels like you don’t really do keyword research a lot or else you wouldn’t have the time to manually review the competition of each keyword.

      Do you really mean it when you say PR is useless and not playing a factor in determining ranks? PR is by far, the most important factor that determines the ranking of a site. The only thing is that you wouldn’t know the real page rank of a specific website because Google doesn’t disclose them to you. They do update once in a few months which makes Page Rank not that relevant for new pages. However, when determining competitions, PR is a very important metric that you have to take into account especially when you are analyzing competition for authoritative website.

      I have to agree with you that DA is a MOZ’s metric.However, we are just using it to roughly estimate the link network of a specific website and it has shown pretty accurate metrics.

      It’s not that I dislike Jaaxy. It’s just that which is Jaaxy really that good for that price you are paying monthly? If I am you, I will look back and see from a bigger picture how well Jaaxy functions as a keyword tool. Just think logically, if Jaaxy is that good, people from all around the web (not only Wealthy Affiliate users) will recommend Jaaxy. Sadly, you can only see WA affiliate members promoting Jaaxy and claims it to be the best keyword research tool.

      Just looking at the fact that you can’t even rebut my points and just end the debate by saying ‘OK, fine. Don’t use Jaaxy. Doesn’t bother me.’ means you yourself can’t really say anything good about Jaaxy to prove my statement wrong.

      The fact here is not whether I like or hate WA. More importantly, how does WA functions to help your readers be successful online? Kyle and all affiliate members (including you) keep mentioning that WA is providing hosting, weekly webinars and forum access so they justify the premium price of $47.

      First off, you can get premium level of hosting from Bluehost for just as low as $3.95 per month compared to the $47. Forum access? Do you know which is the most highly engaged and biggest forum in the internet marketing industry? Warrior Forum, and you have free access to it. So, why bother paying $47?

      Sure, every webmasters (Kyle, Pat Flynn, Brian Dean, Neil Patel) will definitely want to monetize their websites. However, you can definitely monetize the website using affiliate links where by there is a win-win situation. You get to earn commission while your readers get to enjoy essential product at no extra cost.

      It’s definitely okay to have your sell your own product/service/course. However, the content should be unique that you probably can’t get anywhere else in the web or else, people are actually paying to get access to free information. Do you think is fair?

      Even if you are already in WA as a premium member. Kyle still isn’t going to teach you advance stuffs for free. Just taking keyword research as an example, he still wants you be a member of Jaaxy keyword research tool before he will show you advance keyword search technique (when you can actually search for them in the web).

      How fair is that?

    • Nathaniell says

      You obviously didn’t read the link, since it clearly says that my website lost traffic and money due to USING a PBN, not owning one.

      This whole conversation started because you said that it’s not fair that WA charges people money for stuff they can find for free. You cannot find help for free. Let me ask you this: How much money does it cost to run your business on a monthly basis? With WA, you don’t have to buy anything else to run your business, just the membership fee of $47/month and domain cost of $11/year. No keyword too necessary. No backlink tool necessary. No PBN fees. No hosting fees. No coaching fees.

      I built my website to earn more than $10,000 per month without building a single backlinking or using a PBN, so why should I teach people to use that stuff? I personally saw a previous business of mine hurt by using a PBN and unnatural links, so why should I teach people to do stuff that hurt my business?

      For newbies, I think it’s better to go simple. No complicated keyword strategies. No complicated linking. Focus on quality content and they will be fine.

    • Nathaniell says

      PS. I just looked at your websites on your Twitter, and the fact that you are here trying to defend your methods is just silly. There’s no way these websites are making anything more than a few dollars per month.

      This is exactly the reason that I send people to WA. You come to my website talking a big game, but on your own website you have only 27 likes, and haven’t even removed your default widgets from the sidebar. Just another person blindly following the gurus and repeating what they say without truly understanding what it means.

      Again, how much does it cost to run your business? At Wealthy Affiliate, including training and support, it costs $47/month.

  10. shaun says

    First off, I have to say that my comment might be a little controversial, but I really hope that you will approve it for the benefits of your reader as a whole.

    I was once a member of Wealthy Affiliate and so I actually know something about it. I have a few questions/thoughts in mind that I would like to share with you.

    1) How well is Wealthy Affiliate in guiding it’s members to make money online? Besides lacking of a lot of crucial information, it charges a fee of USD 47 monthly (which is extremely expensive for beginner) for information that you can get just by searching in Google (the sad part is not many beginners know how to search, like me before). Don’t you think the USD 47 can be spend for other things such as hosting, backlinking strategies, etc?

    2) Secondly, the contents crafted in Wealthy Affiliate are designed in such a way to prevent you from reaching out to other bloggers in the industry (which means you will never improve). Kyle didn’t add in other informational blogs for us to follow. Besides, they always promote self-create products.

    Using Jaaxy as an example, do you really think Jaaxy is a great keyword tool? Check them up in Google and you will find that the functionality of Jaaxy is just too basic to really find any success just by using it. Even Google Keyword Planner is much better. Why not spend the money on Long Tail Pro or SEMRush for better results?

    3) I know that the affiliate program from Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy are really extremely lucrative (I am not saying that you recommend them because of the money). I just hope that you check out the things I said and see for yourself, are you really providing value to your readers? Is Wealthy Affiliate really the right platform for beginners or it is merely taking advantage of their innocent?

    Please provide the best value for your readers. Introduce them to bloggers such as Spencer Haws, Pat Flynn, Glen, etc. I guess the best long-run-strategy to really benefit from an authority website like yours is to do the right thing.

    I know even if you are to recommend Wealthy Affiliate, beginners with no knowledge in the internet marketing industry will definitely go for it. While it is a legitimate program, do you really think it is the best alternative for your readers?

    • Nathaniell says

      I’m happy to answer your questions.

      1. Wealthy Affiliate is the best way for a beginner to get started in affiliate marketing. It’s DESIGNED for beginners. They are not lacking crucial information – but they do have their own way of teaching people to build a website. For example, they do not teach people to create backlinks or use PBNs because those things can get you penalized by Google. Many gurus teach it, but they don’t, and I do not use backlinking techniques (and still make money online).

      Can you search the info for free? Yeah. But the support is invaluable. Support is not free, wherever you go. Plus there are other things like free hosting, weekly webinars, and live chat with other members (and the owners) which are wrapped up in your membership and not available anywhere else.

      2. There is already a lot of information in the community and having people post tons of info from “gurus” they find online would be a waste of time and confusing to newbies. Many newbies just like to post stuff they find without really reading or understanding it. WA training is very focused, and wants to keep people on track.

      I disagree with you on Jaaxy. Here’s my comparison of Jaaxy VS Longtail Pro. It honestly sounds like you don’t use these tools very much, and are just repeating what other people are saying. But everyone will have their preference.

      3. I have been working online for 4 years now, and done 100’s of reviews of products. I also did a complete series on starting a niche website for free. I absolutely do provide value for my readers. I also have a YouTube channel, and publish many exclusive trainings within the WA community.

      Other: All of the people you just named are selling stuff from their blogs, and their blogs are just a tool for them to make money (just like me). They provide the information for free, but then promote things like Longtail Pro, The Hoth, Private PBN memberships, or coaching. That’s how blogging works. I don’t see how what they are doing is different from me, except that I don’t own my own product and am an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Yes, I still maintain that WA is the best way for a newbie to get started. It may cost $47/month, but it saves you the cost of hosting, backlinking programs, software, and they even have a free keyword tool inside the members area. The most valuable thing is being able to reach out to professionals for answers on a regular basis. Sure, you can contact Pat Flynn on Twitter or his blog, but when was the last time you has a 30 minute conversation with him, or he took 45 minute out of his day to review your website for you? It just doesn’t happen, and that’s the kind of support you get in WA.

  11. Rasheeda Ziyad says

    Hi Nathaniell,

    I have been in Wealthy Affiliate for about 3 weeks now. I am enjoying the training and I really believe this is where I want to be. I am interested to know when I should expect to start earning money. I realize I have to get through the training and learn more about the business as this is a new venture for me (online business). I would appreciate any help or advice you can offer. Your pages are awesome and I would really value your feedback.

    • Nathaniell says

      It’s really impossible to say! I imagine the folks getting their MBA in college do not have answers as to when their college degree will pay off, or that new brick and mortar business owners do not know when they will be profitable. It really depends on the work you put into your business, so everyone is different. Some folks can do it in months, others may take more than a year or two.

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