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This is MEHi, my names Roderick, but on the internet, I usually go by my middle name, “Nathaniell”.

I’m an internet marketer, and One More Cup of Coffee is a website where I teach people how to start an online business and make money from home.

I wasn’t always an internet marketer; in fact, I’ve done quite a few different jobs over the years.

But internet marketing was the career path that ‘clicked’ for me, mostly because I could do it from the comfort of my own home and according to my own schedule.

But let’s start a bit further back; if you’re going to get to know me, you should know a bit about where I’m from and what I’ve done.

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I grew up in California, but left soon after graduating high school to travel in Europe. I was completely bored in the US and wanted to see the world. At the time, I had a friend living in Prague, so used her house as my “home base” between trips. When I needed money or had some down-time, I freelanced as an English teacher.

Eventually I landed a pretty sweet job as a kindergarten teacher, so I was officially getting paid to play duck-duck-goose and hide-and-seek for a few hours a day.

After a few years doing that, I broadened my horizons and set my sights on China. I wanted to learn Mandarin and start the next chapter in my travels: Asia.

So that’s just what I did.

Travel The World

China was wild. I made tons of friends, traveled all over the country, and became fluent in Mandarin.

But after being in China for a while, I began thinking about my future. It had been ten years since I left the US. I was having a blast traveling, but I was still changing jobs every couple of years, working in places without any job security, for wages that made saving any money very difficult.


I needed a plan.

Make Money OnlineI can’t really remember how the idea was born, but it occurred to me that I could make money on the internet.

If I could somehow make US dollars while living abroad, I could live like a king.

I could work anywhere in the world and have cash flowing in while I sleep (on US time).

It took me about six months, from about January to June (2010) of browsing around different sites, joining tons of mailing lists, watching hours of promotional videos, and following my share of purported “gurus” before I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

In fact, I don’t even remember which website referred me to WA, but the point is that I got there and started my training in June 2010.

By September of that same year I had made my first sale, and I was hooked.

I could actually make money online.

The rest of my internet marketing journey takes off here, which you’re welcome to read.

But I want to talk about myself some more!

So it’s 2013 now, I’ve returned to the US, and work full time as an internet marketer.

Give You a Money TreeI’ve got a couple sites, but what I really enjoy doing is building different types of websites, looking for new revenue streams, and experimenting with different types of marketing strategies.

One More Cup of Coffee is about helping YOU.

So many people have helped me along the way, I think it’s time to “pay if forward”, and give back to the community.

After being in this industry for about 4 years now, I’ve seen hundreds of scams, misleading offers, and hyped sales pages claiming that you can make a billion dollars in 5 days with this one “secret system”

It’s a load of BS.

At the same time, even lots of the honest guys have trouble explaining things in a simple way, or just don’t have the patience to walk you through the baby steps.

I do.

I’ve got a free starter course that you can join that is designed specifically for newbies looking to start making money online. I’ve taken out all the hype and scam tactics that gurus use, and explained the concepts of how I (yes, ME) make money on the internet.

You can join the free course below, PLUS, if you join, you’ll be automatically signed up for future updates that I send out to my subscribers. This includes free insight about how I build my websites, silly mistakes I’ve made, and suggestions for squeezing more profit from your own businesses.

I love my subscribers, and respond to all emails, which is another awesome thing about being an exclusive member of my site. Where else can you get 1-on-1 support building an online business?


If you have any questions or comments you can contact me here, leave a comment below, or just respond to the email that’s in your inbox waiting for you after you sign up for the course.

I’ve got a couple of social media accounts, you know, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but most of the time I’m on Google+

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Teach Me To SailIf you’re in the Central Valley, drop me a line. We can grab a beer (or coffee) and talk internet marketing or just life in general.

And on one last note, I’d really like to learn how to sail, so if you know how to sail, or know someone that does, I’d be happy to discuss some kind of teacher-exchange where we can learn from each other.

Here are some pages I suggest you read, to learn more about what I have to offer at One More Cup of Coffee, and how you can start your Internet Marketing Business.

→ What is One More Cup of Coffee?

What is Wealthy Affiliate?


  1. Amanda Tan says

    Hey Nathaniell :).. my name is Amanda, I’ve been stalking your sites for almost 2 weeks now.. and I tried to make money online for 2 months now.. and there’s still no result.. do you think its possible even for me?

    • Nathaniell says

      It’s possible for anyone Amanda. Remember that I’ve never been to college, and didn’t grow up a computer enthusiast (just Nintendo!). You don’t have to be a marketing expert or computer genius. You just need to want to HELP people, and devote some time to learning how to help them via a website. This is why I recommend WA so much…that’s what they teach!

  2. Kathy Petri says

    Good-morning Nathaniell, I feel like I’ve found the light at the end of the tunnel with your honesty and transparency ! Without a doubt, you most certainly have a God-given gift for teaching. And ever so patient on top of that. I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing it is to be able to actually ‘trust’ someone on line. Yes I’ve been the victim of scams and have learned to follow ‘my gut’ instead of my emotions, for a ‘quick fix’.. What is your beliefs on Cash Gifting? I started at the bottom level with The Peoples Program ($150.00) but am stuck because I’m unable to get the support that I need. I am relatively new at this but ‘know’ I can make a go of it. Nathaniell, you have breathed life into my soul where this internet is concerned (as I came upon you with total frustration and tears). I now know the sky is the limit! May God Bless you most abundantly, as you have others!

    With much respect and appreciation for you,


    • Nathaniell says

      My advice is to stay far away from cash gifting. I’ve reviewed The People’s Program. It’s just like any other pyramid scheme. Recruit people that want to make money. Have them recruit people that want to make money. Everyone gives money to each other than the suckers are the last ones to the party.

      They try to get clever by saying it’s not a “business” and it’s giving money out of the goodness of your heart, but that’s a load of bull.

      Apparently, they don’t have very good support either!

  3. Sameer says

    I can’t do this because I’m not sure I could write on my website that I have to create.

    • Nathaniell says

      That’s a decision that you’ll have to make. This is how I make money online, and it’s what I teach people. There are other ways to do it, but if you aren’t writing content, it’s very likely you’ll have to pay for traffic!

  4. David says

    I’ve read this site a few times, and am considering the transition for artist to marketer.

    I understand it’s best to write about what you love (hobbies etc)…but even the most abstract past time these days is covered on the internet. So…how to make your self stand out? – Is it down to SEO? Or something else?

    Keep up the great work,


    • Nathaniell says

      There will always be competition, and that’s part of the business. Just look at the Apple’s app store, yet people keep making apps!

      Basically, we are doing for lots of little successes/sales instead of one giant one. For me at least, I make use of the law of averages. If I produce enough content in one niche, I have to rank for SOMETHING. If that bit of “something” is good, it’s usually enough to get a site some tractions. I may not be the biggest, baddest site on the internet, but often just a couple hundred visits per day is enough to make some income from your site.

      Oh, also, getting yourself found in Google is much easier if you know how to do keyword research and find low-competition keywords so you can rank for terms more easily.

  5. Ely says

    Hi Nathaniell,

    I have read a bunch of your posts on this site and I would just like to say that I appreciate your wisdom, transparency, honesty and generosity (yeah, such words, but I think they’re the right ones).

    I’m quite at the crossroads. I have a career and all, but just about a month ago it just occurred to me that hey, I could also try this working-from-home and since then, I became obsessed with the idea.

    You present well, but while I’m also a very skeptical person and am still trying to look for other legit “sites” out there, I’m pretty convinced that WA is a very nice place especially for newbies like me.

    Thank you for everything that you share with us. Also, for me, it has always been the greatest gesture to “give back” or “pay forward” – something that I would also wanna do in the future.


    • Nathaniell says

      Thanks for the compliments Ely. My best suggestion at this point is to try the free training and the free starter membership at WA. I think that will be the best way to see if it’s a legit place to learn online marketing. Good Luck!

  6. Adriana says

    Hi Nathaniell,

    I can relate to this post in so many ways! I love my morning coffee, and have always wanted to travel. I want to use affiliate marketing as a means to do this. Your life adventure is definitely interesting, and I have been following your blog every once in a while as inspiration. Thanks for the awesome posts!

    • Nathaniell says


  7. Mallory says

    I was just looking at the work at home institute earlier and I was so excited about doing it..until I saw this. I am a stay at home mother of a two-year old, and I don’t have the time nor the money for scams. Can you please help me out? I would really like to work from home, but still make sure that I’m not being scammed.

    • Nathaniell says

      Well, you’ll have to use your best judgement when looking at ways to work from home. Most of what I’ve seen is scams, but my top recommendation is pretty obvious because their free starter membership allows you to see exactly what they offer before you have to pay for anything at all.

    • Mallory says

      How did you start your internet career, if I may ask?

    • Nathaniell says

      All the details of my internet career are right here on this page!

    • Mallory says

      I’ve seen where you went to Wealthy Affiliate, is that how you started? I wouldn’t want to get on something that I know nothing about and no one to help me.

    • Nathaniell says

      Yes, WA is where I got started. It’s the training I recommend because you can get assistance from the community, and I also offer my personal support to all my referrals. Have you read the review yet? It’ll show you how to sign up.

    • Mallory says

      I have read everything on here. Lol. I didn’t at first, but it became very interesting as I read more. Thank you for sharing your story, and I am about to go sign up! (I have no idea what I’m doing, so wish me luck!) :)

    • Nathaniell says

      Haha. Yup, it’s all there. I hope you like it. Stop by my profile and say hi so I can see how you get on with it.

    • Mallory says

      Will do! Thanks again!

  8. says


    I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your website with all the great info on getting an online business up & running without the scams.

    I have been scammed in the past and always appreciate recommendations from honest folks with your rich background.

    Thanks again, best regards,


    • gina says

      you’re a scam

    • Nathaniell says

      What makes you say that? I’m actually a real person behind this blog, so while it makes you feel better to vent in my comment section, I actually receive and read this stuff. How would that make you feel?

  9. Q says

    I have been looking for about 6months for ways to make money from home. I have a four year old son and I work my full time job from 6:30am to 3:30pm, so I have plenty of time afterwards to do something from home! Every time when I think I have found something that is right for me, it’s always some type of fee that needs to be paid before I can start working. Of course, I quickly exit the page, because I feel as if this is a job that I am applying for, then why am I paying you to start work? I am at my breaking point now, and I am ready to give up, so I hope you can help!

    • Nathaniell says

      Well Q, there are two things about that. One, is that it’s smart to be skeptical. There are a lot of scams out there, and that’s not even including the millions of low quality products. But the second thing is that if you want quality training, you are going to have to pay. Even the training center I promote, although they have a free membership, the majority of your support and training will come from the paid membership. Anything that’s 100% free will have a catch. Some of the most common freebies are because you have to promote membership to friends and family and expose their email address to promotional emails, or there’s also one that has you signing up for free trials (and there’s always problems with unwanted rebilling).

  10. says

    Hi, as you can see I have a blog which I was told would start generating money in a short time. It’s been since Oct. 2013. I made $100 and nothing since. I’m with Graphic Media, Empower Network, and also Empower Investment Group. The last said this was the last online business I would have because it is the one that will work. I’m not seeing any money from it yet. They gave me a mall type store, but I don’t know how to use it. They gave me an Income Course, but it’s a struggle. Got a call from Amazon.com Associate Program and they said being in their program would work better then being an affiliate. I’m so confused, but the bottom line is I am not making any money and I ‘m very frustrated. Don’t want to get rich quick, would just like to make a living writing my blog about what I love. Been told this is possible too. Thanks for listening and would appreciate any advice and help and clear up about affiliate vs associate. They wanted $500 I didn’t pay it. Again thanks.

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey Judy, I really suggest you reassess your current mentor group. I have written posts on all these companies, and I recommend NONE of them. Check out the comments about Graphic Media from people that are unhappy with their results. You can also see that I’m not a fan of virtual malls. Empower Network is what I consider to be a pyramid scheme, and the company that called you is definitely NOT Amazon Associates

      You will find that I recommend and promote paid services. It’s no fun to have someone tell you that you just threw away money then turn around and recommend more paid services. I realize that. I hope you are able to use the information to better your current sites or make some tough decisions. If you shoot me an email I can send you some free videos on YouTube about how to get traffic to your site as well.

      Good luck with everything.

    • says

      Thank you for your suggestions. I will certainly do that.

  11. laura says

    Hey Nathaniell,

    I enjoyed reading this, you write and you live very nicely. What are you going to do after getting bored of the sea? :)
    Congratulation for succeeding on such a crowded niche, like working from home and avoiding scams.
    I wish you even more success!

    • Nathaniell says

      Thanks Laura. I enjoy my site, and helping people get started in their online business. Let me know if you need anything!

  12. BettyAnn Duck-Herrera says

    Hello Nathaniell,
    by the way, beauuuuuutiful name, always at the top of my bay name list. Anyway……..what do you think about making money posting links on web sites?
    Thank you for your time!

    • Nathaniell says

      I have written an article on getting paid to post links – definitely NOT recommended!

  13. says

    hey Nathaniel, now I see it. Never noticed it before. I guess it’s because I never had a website to even care about that section lol…thanks again for all your help and answering my questions. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more as I move forward. thanks again.

    • Nathaniell says

      Glad to see you found this cool feature! Now you just need to make sure your comments are interesting and valuable, then people might click your name and find your website!

  14. says

    Hey Nathaniell. I like the style of your website. I am now texting from work and soon I shall have my own Internet connection and a new computer. I cannot wait to learn how to blog and to use that for extra income and maybe start my own bussiness. I live in South Africa and I want to know if it is possible to participate in online marketing, because our currency is in Rand and needs to be converted from Dollar. Are there any affiliate marketplaces where I can get a product to promote that are internationally recognised? I want to be able to make money online even if I live in SA. What affiliate programs do you use that are internationally recognised? Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nathaniell says

      Hi Viljoen! Yes, it’s possible to do online marketing from most countries in the world. I know quite a few people that do it from South Africa as well. Currency exchange can be a pain in the butt sometimes because most places pay in dollars or pounds, but it’s not something that will kill your business. Usually there are some small fees associated with transactions, or you may have to wait some extra time before funds are paid, but it’s not too bad.

      If you get your business up and very profitable, there are plenty of ways that you can have banks deal with your money so it’s more advantageous to you. It’s like any other type of business out there.

      I highly recommend the WA affiliate program because it comes with awesome training. You can follow that link for more details. But there are SOOOOOOO many other ones, that it’s impossible to list them all.

      Actually, you’ll probably want to choose what kind of website you want to make first. I suggest you get enrolled in my 5 day email course to learn the basics of what I do and how you can use that for your own site.

  15. says

    Hello Nathaniell,
    I have been interested for some time in pursuing Internet marketing as a full-time business. I currently work, but want to retire and work for myself, and believe an Internet business is the best way (at present) to go. But I want legitimate training from “non-scammers”. How much time do you estimate it takes to make a profit. I am interested in making at least $3,000 per month doing affiliate marketing, so how long would I have to train/market to get to that level? I have heard alot of things (negative & positive) about how difficult it is to become an affiliate marketer on the Internet, but I believe it to be a lucrative income for those with the proper training, and knowlege.


    • Nathaniell says

      Hi Denise, I suggest you read this post on realistic goals for making money online. Though it’s hard to say how each individual will do, you can definitely get a good idea of what to expect, and what I’ve experienced. Leave me a comment on that page or here if you have any further questions or need to know how to get started.

  16. Clay says

    I signed up for email course. I’ve browsed your site and reviews. I’m wondering about wealthy affiliate. I’ve done their starter course but I’m not sure about doing their premium membership. I feel like I can find a cheaper way to invest in affiliate marketing. I have the time and willingness….that I’m sure of. I would like to get where I could clear at least an extra $200 a month.

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey Clay, clearing $200 per month is absolutely possible. That’s less than $10 per day, usually about ONE sale, depending on what you promote. As far as WA goes, there are definitely cheaper guides you can buy. Some are listed in my “recommended” section above. But they absolutely cannot compare with the type of support and training you get at WA. If you are very self directed, you can probably find a lot of resources for free out there…including on my site. But for the support and dynamic training, Wa is the way to go. Heck, I’ve already quit my job and do this full time, and I still pay my membership fees!

    • Clay says

      Nathaniell, I’m glad to hear of your success. I am self-directed, I would definitely say. My thought is that I may go premium and charge hard with WA for 1 month and absorb all that I can. In some ways, it’s not hard to give them some money atleast for all the “honesty and authentic” training tools. I do like to save money wherever possible. Something, I’m wondering about right now is “webhosting”. I like the look and feel of your website. You probably discuss this somewhere on your site and I haven’t noticed it yet but I’m interested to use it versus siterubix, potentially. Also, I want to register a domain pretty soon but need to keep the expenses down. Hopefully, you have a link or something you can cut and paste back to me. Much appreciated!

    • Nathaniell says

      Hey Clay, I suggest you take a look at my Beginner Niche Marketer’s Guide and follow all the links. It discusses things like hosting, siterubix, and registering domains. There seems to be some confusions as to what these are and why you need them.

      The “look” of my website is from a WordPress theme. It’s just the framework and skin of the site. Siterubix is just a domain name. And hosting is where your files are stored, and neither of these affect the look of your site. WA hosting is free, and siterubix domains are free. If you host somewhere else you will have to pay a monthly fee. Anyway, read the posts and get back to me. Also, let me know within Wealthy Affiliate how you are getting along with the free training. If you go premium, you can also contact other people on the site to help you get through your first levels of training.

  17. art d says

    tell me more for i know nothing and want to learn how to make money while sleeping. have time on my hands to get started

    • Nathaniell says

      I have a free email course you can join to learn how I make money from my blog. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

  18. says

    I need help bad i know nothing about making money online.please contact me asap [removed] thank you

    • Nathaniell says

      If you are desperate for money, online business is not the way to go. You need time to build the business properly. Also, it’s not a good idea to leave your phone number on the internet. That’s how scam companies get it and call with with fake “biz ops”. My email course is a good way to get started if you would like to learn to build a proper internet based business.

  19. says

    Still want to learn how to sail?
    This is much more important than

    Kind regards

    • Nathaniell says

      Why learn how to sail? After traveling so much, I’d like to explore something other than cities, I want to explore the open sea!

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